This is a listing of all "Malefic" monster support cards.

For a listing of all "Malefic" monsters, see: List of "Malefic" monsters.

 Japanese nameTypeCard typeATKDEFLevel
Malefic Claw StreamSin Claw StreamTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Malefic Claw Stream (anime)Sin Claw StreamTrap Card
Malefic DivideSin CrossSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Malefic Divide (anime)Sin CrossSpell Card
Malefic Paradox DragonSin パラドクス・ドラゴンDragonMonster Card
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
Malefic Paradox Dragon (anime)Sin パラドクス・ドラゴンDragonMonster Card4,0004,00010
Malefic Paradox GearSin パラドクスギアMachineMonster Card
Effect Monster
Malefic Parallel GearSin パラレルギアMachineMonster Card
Effect Monster
Malefic Rainbow Dragon (anime)Sin レインボー・ドラゴンDragonMonster Card4,000010
Malefic SelectorSin SelectorSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Malefic Selector (Tag Force)Sin SelectorTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Malefic Selector (anime)Sin SelectorSpell Card
Malefic TerritorySin TerritorySpell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Malefic Truth DragonSin トゥルース・ドラゴンDragonMonster Card
Effect Monster
Malefic Truth Dragon (anime)Sin トゥルース・ドラゴンDragonMonster Card5,0005,00012
Malefic TuneSin TuneTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Malefic Tune (anime)Sin TuneTrap Card
Malefic WorldSin WorldSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Malefic World (anime)Sin WorldSpell Card

Field Barrier (to protect Field Spell Cards)

Return From The Different Demension (to bring back monsters for summoning "Malefic" monsters)

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