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This is a listing of all "[[Ally of Justice]]" cards.
{{Archetype card list}}
For a listing of support cards, see: [[List of "Ally of Justice" support cards]].
==All OCG/TCG "Ally of Justice" cards==
{{#ask: [[Class 1::Official]] [[Archetypes::Ally of Justice]] |?Japanese Name |?Level |?Attribute |?Type |?Card Type |?Monster Type |?ATK |?DEF}}
==All AniManEx "Ally of Justice" cards==
{{#ask: [[Class 1::!Official]] [[Archetypes::Ally of Justice]] |?Japanese Name |?Level |?Attribute |?Type |?Card Type |?ATK |?DEF}}
[[Category:Cards by archetype|Ally of Justice]]

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