Linkuriboh is a character version of the card, "Linkuriboh", that appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



In Cyberse World, Ai used to relax on "Linkuriboh", one of the Cyberse monsters that the Ignis had created.[1][2] This was due to the fact that Ai was distinctive among Ignis: a rebellious being that played with "Linkuriboh" instead of carrying out his tasks.[3] Ai once swam in a river with Linkuriboh, but nearly fell down a waterfall, despite being warned by Aqua.[4]

Lost Memories

When Ai returned to the Cyberse World, he found the entire place in ruins, and saw that Linkuriboh was the only being left. "Linkuriboh" was glad to see Ai, and glomped it in happiness. Three months later, Ai returned to Playmaker in LINK VRAINS, and gave Playmaker "Linkuriboh".[5]

Ai returned to Yusaku's house, and was glad to see Roboppy again. Roboppy, however, was infuriated about "Linkuriboh", Ai's additional minion, and saw it as her rival, while Ai thought of himself as popular.[6]

Ignis Warfare

An angry-looking "Linkuriboh" appeared in the fake Cyberse World, and wanted Ai to ride it. Ai was uncertain if "Linkuriboh" had a virus, but decided to do so. "Linkuriboh" led him to a passage inside the world and left to observe the location for intruders.[7] With the Knights of Hanoi attacking the fake world, the angry-looking "Linkuriboh" was deleted in the fight. The real "Linkuriboh" was used in Playmaker's third duel with Bowman.[8] He was also used in Playmaker's second duel against Gore. "Linkuriboh", was later used in Playmaker's final duel against Bohman.



Ai is the Ignis that created "Linkuriboh", as the Cyberse Monster is a DARK Attribute. The two share a owner-pet relationship as Ai is usually riding on top of "Linkuriboh". The Link Monster is very close to Ai and likes to accompany him. Despite this, Ai cannot understand what "Linkurioh" says.


"Linkuriboh" developed an instant rivalry with Roboppy after Ai introduced it as his minion. While the two have not been seen fighting, they do glare intensely at each other.


  • "Linkuriboh" is the first sentient monster seen in the VRAINS series.
  • "Linkuriboh" was used in all of Yusaku's duels against Bohman.
  • In the dub, Ai calls it "Linky."


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