Link Sense

A distortion of the real world when Link Sense activates




Rinku Sensu

Japanese translated

Link Sense

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Appears in (episode)

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"

Link Sense (リンクセンス Rinku Sensu)[1] is a special ability that allows a person to sense and see things inside LINK VRAINS, even when not logged in. It is shared Yusaku Fujiki and the Dark Ignis, Ai.[2]


Using this ability, Yusaku is able to sense presences in the network such Ai's presence when attempting to capture or locate him.[3][4] He was also able to perceive Varis' arrival when analyzing Ai's data, thus knowing when to cut off the power supply to the Café Nom in order to avoid detection. This ability also allows him to see a vision of the LINK VRAINS even when he is not logged in, such as when he witnessed Varis passing through the area on "Borreload Dragon".[5]

Yusaku can discern the fighting spirit of his opponents, as he did in his first Duel with Varis.[1] He can also hear and feel the pulse of his Cyberse monsters both in the Deck and on the Field, despite effects such as that of the "Fire Prison" card.[6]

Both Yusaku and Ai are able to detect the Tower of Hanoi that was on the verge of activation.[7] They can also determine whether or not the monsters that they are facing belong to the Cyberse type.[8] Ai later revealed that he and Yusaku are connected by Link Sense, which showed that Yusaku had received this power from the Dark Ignis during the Hanoi Project.[2]

When Bohman created the Neuron Link using the consciousnesses of the people in LINK VRAINS, Yusaku and Ai kept hearing the screams of the victims. Bohman said Yusaku could have use this ability to be the bridge between humans and AIs.[9]


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