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Link Rating


LINK (リンク) (すう) ()
リンクマーカーの (かず)

Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Rinku no Sūchi
Rinku Mākā no kazu

Japanese (translated)

LINK Number
Link Marker count


Link Rating

A Link Rating (Japanese: LINK (リンク) (すう) () , Rinku no Sūchi "LINK Number") is a property exclusive to Link Monsters, in place of a Level or a Rank. The original Link Rating of a Link Monster Card is located next to its ATK, in the space normally taken up by the DEF on other Monster Card types.

A Link Monster's Link Rating is equal to the number of Link Arrows it has, and also the number of Link Materials that must be used for its Link Summon. If a Link Monster is used as Link Material, it can either be treated as either a single Link Material or multiple Link Materials equal to its Link Rating.

Expression in card texts[]

In card texts, there are two different expression for "Link Ratings", depending on the specification of the card involved.

  1. "Link Rating" (Japanese: リンクマーカーの (かず) Rinku Mākā no Kazu, "Link Marker count"), for when the Link Rating value of the involved monster(s) are unspecified.
  2. "Link-" (Japanese: リンク Rinku, Link), for when the Link Rating value of the involved monster(s) are specified. This expression is followed by a number to indicate the specified Link Rating of the involved monster(s).


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