Lester's Duel Board

Luciano's Duel Board

  • Lester

The Machine Emperor Duel Board belongs to Lester.


Lester used it in a Turbo Duel against Luna. After giving Luna the one he rigged, Lester later then forces her into a Duel, with Leo joining them, in a handicap Turbo Duel with his own Duel Board.[1] Lester used it once again against Jack during the final match of the WRGP. It also served as a fusion material for Aporia's Duel Runner, which served as the tail of the Duel Runner. So far this is the only Duel Board to go as fast as a Duel Runner.


Lester's Duel Board is designed so that the head resembles his "Meklord Emperor Skiel".


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 77: "Dawn of the Duel Board, Part 1"
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