Leo and Luna's Duel Carnival



Leo and Luna's Duel Carnival

Leo and Luna's Duel Carnival is an event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Event details

  • Answer the Round Question by selecting the faction that you prefer! This will place you in the corresponding faction! The Round Question will be updated once every 2 days.
    • Junk Warrior vs Elemental HERO Neos
  • Enter a team within the faction from Entry & Duel. Collect Event Points by Dueling in the Event.
    • The Team that reaches 40,000 points first will win!
  • You will obtain Event Points based on your Duel Assessment points from Duels within the event. Collect the Event Points to obtain Cumulative Reward! Event exclusive Duel Assessment are as follows:
Event exclusive Duel Assessment Requirements
Daily First Duel Bonus Participate in the Event for the first time that day.
Revenge Bonus Win a Duel after losing a Duel.
Consecutive Victory Bonus Win 2 Duels in a row.
Final Push Bonus Duel within 24 hours before the Round ends.
Faction Type Use Bonus Use a card with the same Type as faction you chose.
New Card Use Bonus Use a card from the newest Main/Mini BOX.
  • When your team either wins or loses, you will obtain Treasure Boxes based on the result! Enter a new team from Entry & Duel to duel more.
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