Leo's Duel Board

Leo's Duel Board

  • Leo

This Duel Board belongs to Leo.


After realizing that Lester was after Luna, Leo followed them to his mansion. In there, he saw Lester give a Duel Board to her as a gift, after stating that he wanted to have a Turbo Duel against her. Because of this, Leo requests Yusei Fudo to make one, once he gave Yusei all the necessary details to make it. It was used by him in a Turbo Duel with Luna against Lester after the latter forced her into a Duel.[1] Leo later used the Duel Board to travel to the Ark Cradle with the rest of Team 5D's.[2] and in the team's last ride together.[3]


Leo's Duel Board is colored blue, this matching to his Duel Disk.


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