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The Legendary Signer was a Signer, who lived ten millennia before the battle with the Dark Signers featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. He possessed the full Mark of the Dragon on the left of his chest and wielded the Blazing Soul ability.


The Legendary Signer appears as a tall, well-built man with numerous red feathers adorning his body (three on his upper arms, three on his ankles, and three on his head), large golden hoop earrings, a cloth wrapped around his waist as a loincloth, white bandages (on his upper arms, his head and his left thigh) to hold his feathers in place, golden anklets, golden gauntlets, a golden neck brace and a tribal necklace featuring large aqua blue oval-shaped gems. The most striking features of his appearance, however, are a small oval-shaped orange gem in the middle of his forehead, the full Mark of the Dragon on his left pectoral, a pair of scarlet stripes (parallel to each other) above his eyebrows, below his eyes and along his nose, and his eyes, which are pinkish-red sclerae that feature no visible irises or pupils.


Battle with the Crimson Devil

The Legendary Signer faces the Crimson Devil.

The Crimson Dragon and its servants: Ancient Fairy Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Black-Winged Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend and Stardust Dragon fought the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.

The Signer came forward from the ashes of a volcano and performed a miracle. He was able to absorb the Crimson Dragon's power, through Blazing Soul, and used it to defeat and seal the Crimson Devil.


The Legendary Signer superimposed over Jack.

When Jack Atlas faced the Crimson Devil's servant, the Familiar of Red Nova, he spoke of Blazing Soul, which reminded Greiger of the Legendary Signer. Using Burning Soul, Jack absorbed the power of the Crimson Devil and created the card "Red Nova Dragon", which he used to defeat the Familiar.