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*[ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Guide].
*[ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Guide].
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[[Category:Yu-Gi-Oh! Arcs]]

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Legendary Heroes is a section in the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters) immediately after the Duelist Kingdom part. The plot is not in the manga version.

  • As the plot does not appear in the manga, the English anime names are used here

Kaiba wants to fire the Big 5. The Big 5 challenge Seto Kaiba to a virtual game, and if he wins, they will resign their posts. Unfortunately, Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon was captured by a Dragon Capture Jar. Kaiba himself is then captured by the Witty Phantom, who wishes to sacrifice him to the Five-Headed Dragon.

Mokuba Kaiba runs to Yugi Muto (romanized as Yugi Mutou in the English-language manga) for help. Yugi, Téa Gardner (Anzu Mazaki in the Japanese versions and the English-language manga), Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonouchi), and Tristan Taylor (Hiroto Honda) all run to Kaiba Corp. Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba get into the virtual pods, which transfer them to the Virtual World. On the way, Joey is forced to duel with Mai Valentine (Mai Kujaku). When she finds out her opponent is Joey (they were both masked), she joins in the search for Kaiba.

On the way they encounter a maze. Joey hears a girl crying and attempts to rescue her. (Mai disgustedly observes that Joey is too easily attracted to maidens in distress.) Joey finds a princess who looks like Mokuba. (Joey initially thinks that the princess is Mokuba, and asks why he is wearing a dress. Mokuba appears behind him and explains that he is here.) The princess says she is about to be the sacrificed to the Five-Headed Dragon.

The four become guests to a royal feast. The princess explains everything about the Five-Headed Dragon. When they are ready to go vanquish the dragon, the princess is suddenly captured. However it is actually Mokuba in disguise. The remaining three heroes give chase, destroying many obstacles in their way. Finally, they get to the Kaibas. But then, the Big 5 play cheap and summons the Five-Headed Dragon. After many sacrifices leaving only Yugi and Kaiba standing, they finally vanquish the dragon, by use of Master of Dragon Knight.

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