Legendary Gold Box is a set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.



Each Legendary Gold Box contains:



Promotional cards
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
LGB1-JPS01"Dark Magician"「ブラック・マジシャン」Premium Gold RareNormal Monster
LGB1-JPS02"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"「青眼の白龍」Premium Gold RareNormal Monster
LGB1-JPS03"Red-Eyes B. Dragon"「真紅眼の黒竜」Premium Gold RareNormal Monster
Special Packs
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
LGB1-JP001"Dragun of Red-Eyes"「超魔導竜騎士-ドラグーン・オブ・レッドアイズ」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
LGB1-JP002"The Eye of Timaeus"「ティマイオスの眼」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
LGB1-JP003"Red-Eyes Fusion"「真紅眼融合」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
LGB1-JP004"Eternal Soul"「永遠の魂」Normal Parallel RareContinuous Trap Card
LGB1-JP005"Deep of Blue-Eyes"「深淵の青眼龍」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
LGB1-JP006"Dragon Spirit of White"「白き霊龍」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP007"Sage with Eyes of Blue"「青き眼の賢士」Normal Parallel RareEffect Tuner monster
LGB1-JP008"Majesty with Eyes of Blue"「青き眼の威光」Normal Parallel RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LGB1-JP009"Elemental HERO Neos Krieger"「E・HERO ネオス・クルーガー」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
LGB1-JP010"Neos Wiseman"「ネオス・ワイズマン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP011"Yubel"「ユベル」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP012"Elemental HERO Solid Soldier"「E・HERO ソリッドマン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP013"Rainbow Dragon, the Zenith Crystal Beast"「究極宝玉獣 レインボー・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
LGB1-JP014"Rainbow Neos"「レインボー・ネオス」Normal Parallel RareEffect Fusion Monster
LGB1-JP015"Rare Value"「レア・ヴァリュー」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
LGB1-JP016"Advanced Dark"「アドバンスド・ダーク」Normal Parallel RareField Spell Card
LGB1-JP017"Shooting Star Dragon T.G. - Expansion"「シューティング・スター・ドラゴン・TG-EX」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP018"Formula Synchron"「フォーミュラ・シンクロン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP019"Shooting Riser Dragon"「シューティング・ライザー・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP020"T.G. Hyper Librarian"「TG ハイパー・ライブラリアン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP021"Red Supernova Dragon"「スカーレッド・スーパーノヴァ・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP022"Red Nova Dragon"「スカーレッド・ノヴァ・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP023"Red Dragon Archfiend"「レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP024"Resonator Call"「コール・リゾネーター」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
LGB1-JP025"Number F0: Utopic Future Dragon"「FNo.0 未来龍皇ホープ」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
LGB1-JP026"Number 99: Utopic Dragon"「No.99 希望皇龍ホープドラグーン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Monster
LGB1-JP027"Number S39: Utopia Prime"「SNo.39 希望皇ホープONE」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Monster
LGB1-JP028"Gagaga Cowboy"「ガガガガンマン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Monster
LGB1-JP029"Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon"「銀河眼の残光竜」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Monster
LGB1-JP030"Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon"「銀河眼の光子竜」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP031"Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon"「No.62 銀河眼の光子竜皇」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Monster
LGB1-JP032"Photon Sanctuary"「フォトン・サンクチュアリ」Normal Parallel RareNormal Spell Card
LGB1-JP033"Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon - Overload"「覇王黒竜オッドアイズ・リベリオン・ドラゴン-オーバーロード」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Xyz Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP034"Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon"「覇王黒竜オッドアイズ・リベリオン・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Xyz Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP035"Xiangke Magician"「相克の魔術師」Normal Parallel RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP036"Xiangsheng Magician"「相生の魔術師」Normal Parallel RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP037"D/D/D Eulogy King Vice Requiem"「DDD死謳王バイス・レイクエム」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP038"D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok"「DDD壊薙王アビス・ラグナロク」Normal Parallel RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP039"D/D Savant Kepler"「DD魔導賢者ケプラー」Normal Parallel RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LGB1-JP040"Dark Contract with the Gate"「地獄門の契約書」Normal Parallel RareContinuous Spell Card
LGB1-JP041"Decode Talker Heatsoul"「デコード・トーカー・ヒートソウル」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LGB1-JP042"Excode Talker"「エクスコード・トーカー」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link Monster
LGB1-JP043"Flame Bufferlo"「フレイム・バッファロー」Normal Parallel RareEffect Monster
LGB1-JP044"Cynet Backdoor"「サイバネット・バックドア」Normal Parallel RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LGB1-JP045"Borrelend Dragon"「ヴァレルエンド・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
20th Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LGB1-JP046"Borreload Savage Dragon"「ヴァレルロード・S・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
LGB1-JP047"Topologic Bomber Dragon"「トポロジック・ボマー・ドラゴン」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link Monster
LGB1-JP048"Topologic Trisbaena"「トポロジック・トゥリスバエナ」Normal Parallel RareEffect Link Monster

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