Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG).



Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 36 packs. The set contains 56 cards:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
LED3-EN000"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
LED3-EN001"Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
LED3-EN002"Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN003"Bingo Machine, Go!!!"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN004"Rage with Eyes of Blue"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-EN005"The Ultimate Creature of Destruction"Super RareNormal Trap Card
LED3-EN006"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"CommonNormal Monster
LED3-EN007"The White Stone of Legend"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-EN008"Maiden with Eyes of Blue"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-EN009"The Melody of Awakening Dragon"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN010"Dragon Shrine"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN011"Chaos Form"CommonRitual Spell Card
LED3-EN012"Cyber Eternity Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-EN013"Cyber Pharos"RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN014"Cyberload Fusion"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-EN015"Super Strident Blaze"RareEquip Spell Card
LED3-EN016"Cybernetic Revolution"Super RareNormal Trap Card
LED3-EN017"Cyber End Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-EN018"Cyber Twin Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-EN019"Chimeratech Rampage Dragon"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-EN020"Cyber Dragon Drei"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN021"Cyber Repair Plant"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN022"Power Bond"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN023"Blackwing Full Armor Master"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
LED3-EN024"Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN025"Blackwing - Auster the South Wind"RareEffect Tuner monster
LED3-EN026"Glowing Crossbow"RareEquip Spell Card
LED3-EN027"Blackbird Close"RareCounter Trap Card
LED3-EN028"Black-Winged Dragon"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LED3-EN029"Blackwing - Bora the Spear"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN030"Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-EN031"Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN032"Black Whirlwind"CommonContinuous Spell Card
LED3-EN033"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse"CommonNormal Trap Card
LED3-EN034"Starliege Photon Blast Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
LED3-EN035"Photon Vanisher"RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN036"Photon Orbital"Ultra RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN037"Photon Hand"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN038"Photon Change"RareContinuous Trap Card
LED3-EN039"Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN040"Galaxy Knight"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-EN041"Photon Thrasher"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN042"Photon Crusher"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN043"Kuriphoton"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-EN044"Accellight"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN045"Abyss Actor - Mellow Madonna"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-EN046"Abyss Actor - Comic Relief"RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-EN047"Abyss Script - Romantic Terror"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-EN048"Abyss Playhouse - Fantastic Theater"RareField Spell Card
LED3-EN049"Abyss Actors' Curtain Call"CommonNormal Trap Card
LED3-EN050"Abyss Actor - Superstar"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-EN051"Abyss Actor - Leading Lady"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-EN052"Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-EN053"Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN054"Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-EN055"Abyss Actors Back Stage"CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
LED3-FR000"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon""Dragon du Chaos MAX aux Yeux Bleus"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
LED3-FR001"Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon""Dragon du Chaos aux Yeux Bleus"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
LED3-FR002"Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon‎‎""Dragon Solide aux Yeux Bleus"Ultra RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR003"Bingo Machine, Go!!!""Machine Bingo, Go !!!"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR004"Rage with Eyes of Blue""Rage avec des Yeux de Bleu"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-FR005"The Ultimate Creature of Destruction""La Créature Ultime de Destruction"Super RareNormal Trap Card
LED3-FR006"Blue-Eyes White Dragon""Dragon Blanc aux Yeux Bleus"CommonNormal Monster
LED3-FR007"The White Stone of Legend""Pierre Blanche Légendaire"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-FR008"Maiden with Eyes of Blue""Demoiselle aux Yeux Couleur Bleu"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-FR009"The Melody of Awakening Dragon""La Mélodie du Réveil des Dragons"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR010"Dragon Shrine""Sanctuaire du Dragon"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR011"Chaos Form""Forme du Chaos"CommonRitual Spell Card
LED3-FR012"Cyber Eternity Dragon""Dragon Cyber Éternité"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-FR013"Cyber Pharos""Cyber Pharos"RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR014"Cyberload Fusion""Fusion Cyberchargement"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-FR015"Super Strident Blaze""Super Embrasement Strident"RareEquip Spell Card
LED3-FR016"Cybernetic Revolution""Révolution Cybernétique"Super RareNormal Trap Card
LED3-FR017"Cyber End Dragon""Dragon Cyber Ultime"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-FR018"Cyber Twin Dragon""Cyber Dragon Jumelé"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-FR019"Chimeratech Rampage Dragon""Dragon du Carnage Chimeratech"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LED3-FR020"Cyber Dragon Drei""Cyber Dragon Drei"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR021"Cyber Repair Plant""Usine de Cyber Réparation"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR022"Power Bond""Lien de Puissance"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR023"Blackwing Full Armor Master"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
LED3-FR024"Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR025"Blackwing - Auster the South Wind"RareEffect Tuner monster
LED3-FR026"Glowing Crossbow"RareEquip Spell Card
LED3-FR027"Blackbird Close"RareCounter Trap Card
LED3-FR028"Black-Winged Dragon""Dragon Ailes Sombres"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LED3-FR029"Blackwing - Bora the Spear""Aile Noire - Bora la Lance"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR030"Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall""Aile Noire - Oroshi"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LED3-FR031"Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite""Aile Noire - Zephyros l'Élite"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR032"Black Whirlwind""Tourbillon Noir"CommonContinuous Spell Card
LED3-FR033"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Corbeaux Delta - Anti Retournement"CommonNormal Trap Card
LED3-FR034"Starliege Photon Blast Dragon""Dragon Explosif Photon Seigneur des Étoiles"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
LED3-FR035"Photon Vanisher""Volatil Photon"RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR036"Photon Orbital""Orbital Photon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR037"Photon Hand""Main Photon"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR038"Photon Change""Changement Photon"RareContinuous Trap Card
LED3-FR039"Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon""Dragon Photon aux Yeux Galactiques"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR040"Galaxy Knight""Chevalier Galactique"Super RareEffect Monster
LED3-FR041"Photon Thrasher""Lanceur Photon"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR042"Photon Crusher""Broyeur Photon"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR043"Kuriphoton""Kuri Photon"CommonEffect Monster
LED3-FR044"Accellight""Accellumière"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR045"Abyss Actor - Mellow Madonna""Acteur Des Abysses - Douce Madonna"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-FR046"Abyss Actor - Comic Relief"RareEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-FR047"Abyss Script - Romantic Terror"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
LED3-FR048"Abyss Playhouse - Fantastic Theater"RareField Spell Card
LED3-FR049"Abyss Actors' Curtain Call""Rappel d'Acteur des Abysses"CommonNormal Trap Card
LED3-FR050"Abyss Actor - Superstar""Acteur des Abysses - Superstar"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-FR051"Abyss Actor - Leading Lady""Acteur des Abysses - Actrice Principale"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-FR052"Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy""Acteur des Abysses - Doublure Branchée"CommonEffect Pendulum Monster
LED3-FR053"Abyss Script - Opening Ceremony""Script des Abysses - Cérémonie d'Inauguration"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR054"Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King""Script des Abysses - Ascension du Roi des Abysses"CommonNormal Spell Card
LED3-FR055"Abyss Actors Back Stage""Acteur des Abysses en Coulisses"CommonNormal Trap Card

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