Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition is a special re-release of Legendary Collection. Unlike the original version of the product, however, the Gameboard Edition is packaged in a rectangular game box, identical to the dimensions of the box used for Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World and Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World.

This re-release is similar to that of Legendary Collection 2: Gameboard Edition.



Card numberNameRarityCategory
LC01-EN001"Obelisk the Tormentor" (original)Ultra RareMonster Card
LC01-EN002"Slifer the Sky Dragon" (original)Ultra RareMonster Card
LC01-EN003"The Winged Dragon of Ra" (original)Ultra RareMonster Card
LC01-EN004"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Ultra RareNormal Monster
LC01-EN005"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
LC01-EN006"Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (as "Red-Eyes B. Dragon")Ultra RareNormal Monster

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