The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon promotional cards are two Secret Rare cards, "Dark Magician Knight" and "Knight's Title", that could be obtained by exchanging a coupon on the front flap of the box lid for the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon re-release in South Korea. The set was released on March 15, 2011.[note 1]




Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
LOB-KRPR1"Dark Magician Knight""블랙 매지션즈 나이트"Secret RareEffect Monster
LOB-KRPR2"Knight's Title""기사의 칭호"Secret RareNormal Spell Card


  1. Most sources seem to show the re-release happening on March 15, 2011,[1][2] though at least one source states it happened on March 10, 2011.[3]


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