5Dx044 Lazar's escape

Lazar using the balloon.

Lazar's balloon is a yellow smiley faced balloon device used by Lazar to make escapes.

The deflated balloon is kept inside his sleeve. When in danger, Lazar slides the balloon out, where it starts to inflate. He then clings onto its rope, while it carries him to safety.


5Dx082 Escape

Lazar and Yusei escaping with the balloon.

Lazar abandoned his Duel with Crow, when he realized that the black fog was about to be released. He used his balloon to fly away, while the mist captured the residents of Satellite.[1]

The Three Pure Nobles trapped Lazar and Yusei in a warehouse, where a bomb was planted. Lazar used the balloon to soar away from the explosion and carried Yusei with him. He let Yusei drop once safe to do so and continued to fly away himself.[2]


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