Lazar plays a "Jester" Court Deck, in which he uses monsters that resemble court jesters, and Trap Cards that limit the moves his opponent can make. Most of his Trap Cards are Continuous, which serves to limit the number of monsters Summoned to the field by his opponent while strengthening his key monster, "Jester Lord". Several of his cards reference a royal court of justice, which correspond to his career as a top officer of public security. His cards appear in the Ancient Prophecy booster pack. Most of the cards in his Deck seem to also belong to the Cup Ramen Man in his Duel Puzzles at the arcade machine. This is probable seeing Lazar's love of Cup Ramen.


Dark Signer

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Crow Hogan 43-44 No result

Lazar uses a "Jester" Lockdown Deck', focused around putting his opponents in a position where they are unable to Summon monsters, meaning "Jester Lord's" ATK will remain in high levels.

Ground Deck - Season 2

World Racing Grand Prix

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Crow Hogan 114 Lose

Lazar continues to use a "Jester" Deck, with more support for his "Jester Lord" as well as his "Jester Queen".

Ground Deck - Season 4


World Racing Grand Prix

Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Cup Ramen Man 115 Lose
Arcade Game Turbo Deck


Opponent Ride(s) Outcome
Crow Hogan 43-??? TBD

In the manga, Lazar uses a "Jester Puppet" Deck, which centers around Ritual Summoning his ace monster, "Jester Puppet King Pantomime".

Manga Deck

Video games

Reverse of Arcadia

Court Jester

Over the Nexus

Court Jester

Tag Force 5

Clown's Garb

Clown's Glove

Clown's Hat

Clown's Mask

Tag Force 6

Red-Nosed Clown

Clown's Shoes

Clown's Ruff

Clown's Staff

Duel Transer

Clown Festival (Level 24)

Duel Terminals

Charge of the Genex!!

Charge of the Genex!!

Pulse of the Trishula!!

Vylon Descends!!

Raid of the Inverz!!

Judgment of Omega!!

Xyz Startup!!

Sacred Star Knights!!

Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!!



  1. A second copy of this card can be seen in his hand in episode 43.
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