Laval Deck is a Theme Deck in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM.

It is only available on November 20, 2013. Each pack costs Duel Points ?. The total cost of the individual cards is Duel Points ?.


Each Naturia Bugs Deck contains 15 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:


Laval Deck
English name Rarity Quantity
Laval Judgment Lord BAM Legend 2 2
Rekindling BAM Legend 2 1
Dustflame Blast Ultra Rare 2 1
Laval Burner Ultra Rare 2 3
Laval Lancelord Ultra Rare 2 2
Laval Blaster Rare 2 2
Laval Warrior Rare 2 3
Wild Fire Common 2 1
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