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LINK VRAINS Pack 2 is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game



There are 4 cards per pack and 15 packs per box. The set contains 100 cards:

The Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards are also available as Secret Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
LVP2-JP001"Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos"「混沌の戦士 カオス・ソルジャー」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP002"Black Luster Soldier"「カオス・ソルジャー」CommonRitual Monster
LVP2-JP003"Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning"「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP004"Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight"「疾走の暗黒騎士ガイア」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP005"Black Luster Ritual"「カオスの儀式」CommonRitual Spell Card
LVP2-JP006"Harpie Conductor"「ハーピィ・コンダクター」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP007"Harpie Channeler"「ハーピィ・チャネラー」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP008"Harpie Dancer"「ハーピィ・ダンサー」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP009"Harpie Harpist"「ハーピィ・ハーピスト」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP010"Hysteric Sign"「ヒステリック・サイン」CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-JP011"Thunder Dragon Thunderstormech"「轟雷機龍-サンダー・ドラゴン」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP012"Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon"「双頭の雷龍」CommonFusion Monster
LVP2-JP013"Thunder Dragon"「サンダー・ドラゴン」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP014"Electric Virus"「エレクトリックワーム」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP015"Gold Sarcophagus"「封印の黄金櫃」RareNormal Spell Card
LVP2-JP016"Celestial Knightlord Parshath"「天空神騎士ロードパーシアス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP017"Zeradias, Herald of Heaven"「天空の使者 ゼラディアス」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP018"Aurora Paragon"「オーロラ・アンギラス」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP019"The Sanctuary in the Sky"「天空の聖域」CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-JP020"Solemn Strike"「神の通告」RareCounter Trap Card
LVP2-JP021"Xtra HERO Dread Decimator"「X・HERO ドレッドバスター」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP022"Masked HERO Anki"「M・HERO 闇鬼」CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LVP2-JP023"Destiny HERO - Malicious"「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP024"Elemental HERO Shadow Mist"「E・HERO シャドー・ミスト」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP025"Vision HERO Vyon"「V・HEROヴァイオン」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP026"Alien Shocktrooper M-Frame"「エーリアン・ソルジャー M/フレーム」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP027"Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar"「宇宙砦ゴルガー」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP028"Alien Ammonite"「エーリアンモナイト」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP029"King of the Feral Imps"「キングレムリン」CommonEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP030"Snake Rain"「スネーク・レイン」CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-JP031"Dragunity Knight - Romulus"「ドラグニティナイト-ロムルス」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP032"Dragunity Knight - Barcha"「ドラグニティナイト-バルーチャ」RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP033"Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana"「ドラグニティナイト-ヴァジュランダ」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP034"Dragunity Phalanx"「ドラグニティ-ファランクス」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP035"Dragunity Divine Lance"「ドラグニティの神槍」CommonEquip Spell Card
LVP2-JP036"Scrap Wyvern"「スクラップ・ワイバーン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP037"Scrap Dragon"「スクラップ・ドラゴン」RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP038"Scrap Chimera"「スクラップ・キマイラ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP039"Scrap Orthros"「スクラップ・オルトロス」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP040"Scrap Factory"「スクラップ・ファクトリー」CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-JP041"Gullveig of the Nordic Ascendant"「極星天グルヴェイグ」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP042"Odin, Father of the Aesir"「極神聖帝オーディン」RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP043"Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant"「極星天ヴァルキュリア」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP044"Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant"「極星天ヴァナディース」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP045"Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts"「極星獣タングリスニ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP046"Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai"「六武衆の軍大将」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP047"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki"「真六武衆-カゲキ」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP048"Asceticism of the Six Samurai"「六武衆の荒行」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
LVP2-JP049"Shien's Dojo"「紫炎の道場」CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-JP050"Musakani Magatama"「六尺瓊勾玉」CommonCounter Trap Card
LVP2-JP051"Double Headed Anger Knuckle"「機関重連アンガー・ナックル」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP052"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora"「No.81 超弩級砲塔列車スペリオル・ドーラ」RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP053"Heavy Freight Train Derricrane"「重機貨列車デリックレーン」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP054"Train Connection"「機関連結」CommonEquip Spell Card
LVP2-JP055"Revolving Switchyard"「転回操車」CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-JP056"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle"「炎星仙-ワシンジン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP057"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince"「炎星侯-ホウシン」CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP058"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor"「炎星皇-チョウライオ」RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP059"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit"「炎星師-チョウテン」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP060"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster"「立炎星-トウケイ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP061"Traptrix Sera"「セラの蟲惑魔」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP062"Traptrix Atrax"「アトラの蟲惑魔」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP063"Traptrix Myrmeleo"「トリオンの蟲惑魔」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP064"Traptrix Nepenthes"「カズーラの蟲惑魔」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP065"Floodgate Trap Hole"「底なし落とし穴」RareNormal Trap Card
LVP2-JP066"D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh"「DDD深淵王ビルガメス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP067"D/D/D Flame High King Genghis"「DDD烈火大王エグゼクティブ・テムジン」RareEffect Fusion Monster
LVP2-JP068"D/D Swirl Slime"「DDスワラル・スライム」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP069"D/D Necro Slime"「DDネクロ・スライム」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP070"Dark Contract with the Entities"「異形神の契約書」CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-JP071"Raidraptor - Wise Strix"「RR-ワイズ・ストリクス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP072"Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon"「RR-アルティメット・ファルコン」RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP073"Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon"「RR-サテライト・キャノン・ファルコン」RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP074"Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius"「RR-トリビュート・レイニアス」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP075"Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force"「RUM-ソウル・シェイブ・フォース」CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-JP076"The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche"「幻影騎士団ラスティ・バルディッシュ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP077"Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon"「ダーク・リベリオン・エクシーズ・ドラゴン」RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-JP078"The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak"「幻影騎士団ダスティローブ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP079"The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots"「幻影騎士団サイレントブーツ」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP080"Phantom Knights' Fog Blade"「幻影霧剣」RareContinuous Trap Card
LVP2-JP081"Hi-Speedroid Rubber Band Shooter"「HSR-GOM ガン」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP082"Hi-Speedroid Hagoita"「HSRマッハゴー・イータ」RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP083"Speedroid Terrortop"「SRベイゴマックス」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP084"Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice"「SR赤目のダイス」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP085"Speed Recovery"「スピードリバース」CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-JP086"PSY-Framelord Lambda"「PSYフレームロード・Λ」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP087"PSY-Framelord Omega"「PSYフレームロード・Ω」RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-JP088"PSY-Frame Driver"「PSYフレーム・ドライバー」CommonNormal Monster
LVP2-JP089"PSY-Framegear Gamma"「PSYフレームギア・γ」CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-JP090"PSY-Frame Circuit"「PSYフレーム・サーキット」CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-JP091"Condemned Darklord"「失楽の堕天使」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP092"Darklord Morningstar"「堕天使ルシフェル」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP093"Darklord Amdusc"「堕天使アムドゥシアス」CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-JP094"Banishment of the Darklords"「堕天使の追放」RareNormal Spell Card
LVP2-JP095"Darklord Enchantment"「魅惑の堕天使」CommonNormal Trap Card
LVP2-JP096"Magical Musketeer Max"「魔弾の射手 マックス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-JP097"Magical Musketeer Caspar"「魔弾の射手 カスパール」RareEffect Monster
LVP2-JP098"Magical Musket - Steady Hands"「魔弾-ネバー・エンドルフィン」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
LVP2-JP099"Magical Musket - Desperado"「魔弾-デスペラード」CommonNormal Trap Card
LVP2-JP100"Magical Musket - Dancing Needle"「魔弾-ダンシング・ニードル」CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
LVP2-KR001"Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos""혼돈의 전사 카오스 솔저"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR002"Black Luster Soldier""카오스 솔저"CommonRitual Monster
LVP2-KR003"Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning""카오스 솔저 -개벽-"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR004"Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight""질주의 암흑 기사가이아"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR005"Black Luster Ritual""카오스의 의식"CommonRitual Spell Card
LVP2-KR006"Harpie Conductor""해피 컨덕터"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR007"Harpie Channeler""해피 채널러"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR008"Harpie Harpist""해피 하피스트"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR009"Harpie's Feather Duster""해피의 깃털"RareNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR010"Hysteric Sign""히스테릭 사인"CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-KR011"Thunder Dragon Thunderstormech""웅장한 번개기룡-썬더 드래곤"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR012"Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon""두 머리의 썬더 드래곤"CommonFusion Monster
LVP2-KR013"Thunder Dragon""썬더 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR014"Electric Virus""전기 바이러스"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR015"Gold Sarcophagus""봉인의 황금궤"RareNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR016"Celestial Knightlord Parshath""셀레스티얼나이트 로드파샤스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR017"Zeradias, Herald of Heaven""천공의사자제라디아스"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR018"Aurora Paragon""오로라 안기라스"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR019"The Sanctuary in the Sky""천공의 성역"CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-KR020"Solemn Strike""신의 통고"RareCounter Trap Card
LVP2-KR021"Xtra HERO Dread Decimator""엑스트라 히어로 드레드 버스터"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR022"Masked HERO Anki""마스크드 히어로 암귀"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
LVP2-KR023"Destiny HERO - Malicious""데스티니 히어로 디아볼릭 가이"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR024"Elemental HERO Shadow Mist""엘리멘틀 히어로 섀도우 미스트"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR025"Vision HERO Vyon""비전 히어로 바이온"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR026"Alien Shocktrooper M-Frame""에일리언 솔저 (마이티) / 프레임"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR027"Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar""우주요새 고르가"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR028"Alien Ammonite""에일리언 모나이트"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR029"King of the Feral Imps""킹그렘린"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR030"Snake Rain""스네이크 레인"CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR031"Dragunity Knight - Romulus""드래그니티 나이트-로물루스"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR032"Dragunity Knight - Barcha""드래그니티 나이트-벌처"RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR033"Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana""드래그니티 나이트-바쥬란다"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR034"Dragunity Phalanx""드래그니티-파랑크스"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR035"Dragunity Divine Lance""드래그니티의 신창"CommonEquip Spell Card
LVP2-KR036"Scrap Wyvern""스크랩 와이반"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR037"Scrap Dragon""스크랩 드래곤"RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR038"Scrap Chimera""스크랩 키메라"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR039"Scrap Orthros""스크랩 오르트로스"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR040"Scrap Factory""스크랩 팩토리"CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-KR041"Gullveig of the Nordic Ascendant""극성천 굴베이그"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR042"Odin, Father of the Aesir""극신성제 오딘"RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR043"Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant""극성천 발큐리아"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR044"Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant""극성천 바나디스"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR045"Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts""극성수 탕그리스니"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR046"Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai""여섯 무사의 군대장"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR047"Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki""진 여섯 무사-카게키"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR048"Asceticism of the Six Samurai""여섯 무사의 황행"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
LVP2-KR049"Shien's Dojo""시엔의 도량"CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-KR050"Musakani Magatama""육척경구옥"CommonCounter Trap Card
LVP2-KR051"Double Headed Anger Knuckle""기관중련 앵거 너클"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR052"Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora""No.81 초노급포탑열차 슈페리어 도라"RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR053"Heavy Freight Train Derricrane""중기화열차 데릭크레인"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR054"Train Connection""기관 연결"CommonEquip Spell Card
LVP2-KR055"Revolving Switchyard""전회조차"CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-KR056"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eagle""염성선-와신진"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR057"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""염성후-호우신"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR058"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor""염성황-초우라이오"RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR059"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit""염성사-초우텐"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR060"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster""입염성-토우케이"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR061"Traptrix Sera""세라의 충혹마"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR062"Traptrix Atrax""아트라의 충혹마"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR063"Traptrix Myrmeleo""트리온의 충혹마"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR064"Traptrix Nepenthes""카즈라의 충혹마"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR065"Floodgate Trap Hole""절망의 함정 속으로"RareNormal Trap Card
LVP2-KR066"D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh""D () D () D () 심연왕 빌가메스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR067"D/D/D Flame High King Genghis""D () D () D () 열화대왕 이그제큐티브 테무진"RareEffect Fusion Monster
LVP2-KR068"D/D Swirl Slime""D () D () 스월 슬라임"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR069"D/D Necro Slime""D () D () 네크로 슬라임"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR070"Dark Contract with the Entities""이형신의 계약서"CommonContinuous Spell Card
LVP2-KR071"Raidraptor - Wise Strix""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -와이즈 스트릭스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR072"Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -얼티미트 팔콘"RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR073"Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon""R (레이드) R (랩터즈) -새털라이트 캐논 팔콘"RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR074"Raidraptor - Tribute Lanius""RR (레이드 랩터즈) -트리뷰트 레이니어스"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR075"Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force""RUM (랭크 업 매직) -소울 셰이브 포스"CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR076"The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche""팬텀 나이츠 러스티 바르디시"Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR077"Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon""다크 리벨리온 엑시즈 드래곤"RareEffect Xyz Monster
LVP2-KR078"The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak""팬텀 나이츠 더스티로브"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR079"The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots""팬텀 나이츠 사일런트부츠"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR080"Phantom Knights' Fog Blade""팬텀 포그 블레이드"RareContinuous Trap Card
LVP2-KR081"Hi-Speedroid Rubber Band Shooter""HSR (하이스피드로이드) G () O () M () 건"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR082"Hi-Speedroid Hagoita""HSR (하이스피드로이드) 마하고 이타"RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR083"Speedroid Terrortop""SR (스피드로이드) 베이고맥스"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR084"Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice""SR (스피드로이드) 빨간 눈의 다이스"CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR085"Speed Recovery""스피드리버스"CommonNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR086"PSY-Framelord Lambda""PSY (싸이) 프레임로드 Λ (람다) "Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR087"PSY-Framelord Omega""PSY (싸이) 프레임로드 Ω (오메가) "RareEffect Synchro Monster
LVP2-KR088"PSY-Frame Driver""PSY (싸이) 프레임 드라이버"CommonNormal Monster
LVP2-KR089"PSY-Framegear Gamma""PSY (싸이) 프레임기어 γ (감마) "CommonEffect Tuner monster
LVP2-KR090"PSY-Frame Circuit""PSY (싸이) 프레임 서킷"CommonField Spell Card
LVP2-KR091"Condemned Darklord""실락의 타락천사"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR092"Darklord Morningstar""타락천사 루시펠"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR093"Darklord Amdusc""타락천사 암두시아스"CommonEffect Monster
LVP2-KR094"Banishment of the Darklords""타락천사의 추방"RareNormal Spell Card
LVP2-KR095"Darklord Enchantment""매혹의 타락천사"CommonNormal Trap Card
LVP2-KR096"Magical Musketeer Max""마탄환의 사수 맥스"Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
LVP2-KR097"Magical Musketeer Caspar""마탄환의 사수 카스파르"RareEffect Monster
LVP2-KR098"Magical Musket - Steady Hands""마탄환-네버 엔돌핀"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
LVP2-KR099"Magical Musket - Desperado""마탄환-데스페라도"CommonNormal Trap Card
LVP2-KR100"Magical Musket - Dancing Needle""마탄환-댄싱 니들"CommonNormal Trap Card