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"Kozmo" (Kozmo (コズモ) Kozumo) is one of two TCG-exclusive archetypes that premiered in Clash of Rebellions, the other being the "Kaiju" archetype.

The archetype consists of LIGHT and DARK Psychic "pilot" monsters and Machine "spaceship" monsters who banish themselves to Special Summon other "Kozmo" monsters. The pilot monsters have a Quick Effect to banish themselves from the field to Special Summon any "Kozmo" monster from the hand with a higher Level, while the spaceship monsters have a Trigger Effect to banish themselves from the Graveyard if destroyed to Special Summon or add to the hand (depending on the card) any "Kozmo" monster from the Deck with a lower Level.[1]

The archetype also includes several effects that manipulate the player's LP, with some cards requiring the player to lose/pay LP, and some restoring them, similar to the initial Psychic monsters.


The "Kozmo" cards seem to be based on properties from The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. The pilot monsters are based on characters, the spaceship monsters on objects and vehicles, and the Field Spell Card on a location. The Psychic of the pilot monsters is likely a reference to the Force-sensitive characters from Star Wars.



Monster Class Reference
English name Translated Japanese name Wizard of Oz Star Wars
Dark Destroyer Dark Scimitar Spaceship Flying Broomstick Scimitar Sith Infiltrator
Dark Eclipser Spaceship Black Bee Star Destroyer
Dark Planet Spaceship Wicked Witch's castle Death Star
Delta Shuttle Spaceship Wild Crow V-19 Torrent / Imperial Shuttle
DOG Fighter Spaceship Wolf TIE fighter / Vulture droid
Farmgirl Dorothel Pilot Dorothy Gale Anakin Skywalker / Luke Skywalker/ Mara Jade
Forerunner Spaceship Silver Shoes Millennium Falcon
Goodwitch Glindol Pilot Glinda the Good Witch of the South Qui-Gon Jinn / Obi-Wan Kenobi / Yoda
Landwalker Spaceship Giant spider All Terrain Armored Transport / Homing Spider Droid
Scaredy Lion Pavid Pilot Cowardly Lion Chewbacca
Sliprider Spaceship Ruby slippers ARC-170 Starfighter / X-wing starfighter
Soartroopers Simius Pilot Winged monkeys Stormtrooper
Strawman Formito Pilot Scarecrow C-3PO
Tincan Fer-Blanc Pilot Tin Woodman R2-D2


Monster Class Reference
English name Translated Japanese name Wizard of Oz Star Wars
Dark Lady Dark Elphaiber Pilot Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West Darth Vader
Wickedwitch Dark Rose Pilot Nessarose the Wicked Witch of the East Darth Maul


Card Wizard of Oz Star Wars
English name Translated Japanese name
Kozmo Lightsword Kozmo - Rayblade Wand Lightsaber
Kozmojo Kozmo - Energy Arts Magic The Force / Force Choke
Kozmotown Kozmo - Emeraldopolis Emerald City Coruscant
Kozmourning Kozmo - Epilogue The death of the Wicked Witch of the West The death of Darth Vader

Playing style[]

Komzo's main strategy is built around utilizing Kozmotown to repeatedly recycle banished Kozmo monsters and reload the hand, while using their monsters to gain advantage off the destruction of their cards. Due to the way both the Psychic "pilots" and Machine "spaceships" both banish themselves for their Summoning, it is rare to see Kozmo monsters in the GY, except due to the effect of Kozmo Tincan. In this way, Kozmotown can repeatedly reuse the same monsters to allow for easy advantage gain and mass Summoning. Kozmotown can also search any Kozmo card on destruction, including another Town, to repeat the effects and go for an OTK. While Emergency Teleport was at 3, it would be easy to cycle through the Deck, Summon 2-3 Kozmo Farmgirl, inflict damage and search, then use the Quick Effects to mass Summon Machines and OTK. While such tactics are no longer viable, the Deck still has a lot of punch.

Perhaps the most important trait they have retained to this day is the ability to exploit the Quick Effects of the pilots to Summon Kozmo Sliprider and Kozmo Dark Destroyer at awkward moments, destroying a key combo card like Brilliant Fusion. With Dark Destroyer now back at 3, such repeated tactics can wear down your opponent, especially with how awkward the higher-Level Kozmos are to deal with for an opponent who relies on targeting effects, especially when the floating effect Summons a Sliprider to destroy a card or even a pilot to bring another big Machine from the hand! Kozmojo can be helpful in setting up and augmenting these effects.

Due to how Kozmotown's draw effect and the other mechanics of the archetype work, the archetype generally performs better with as few off-archetype monsters as possible, but not as exclusively as, for instance, Burning Abyss. The exceptions tend to be monsters that can work well with the destruction effects of the Machines and Kozmotown to trigger them often. Fire Kings have been used to great effect this way in the past.

Finally, it should be noted the Deck is highly adept at Xyz Summoning a wide variety of Xyz monsters with many Ranks. In particular, the comparatively fragile yet spam-able Kozmo Sliprider is great for making Cyber Dragon Nova and hence Infinity, who can complement the Deck's destruction and disruption with negation and removal.

Recommended cards


  • "Imperial Iron Wall" is a solid choice to use against this archetype, as it relies primarily on banishing monsters to Summon more "Kozmo" monsters from the hand or Deck. However, ignoring the presence of generic cards such as "Mystical Space Typhoon" and "Galaxy Cyclone" that may be teched, this card can still be destroyed if the "Kozmo" player manages to Summon a "Kozmo Sliprider".
  • "Artifact Lancea" will stun a Kozmo deck for a turn, preventing all Summons through banishing your pilots or by destroying your ships. Summons through other methods such as "Strawman" or "Soartroopers" will still work, but unless large ships are banished or strong Psychics in the graveyard, even these two will likely fall short.
  • "Vanity's Emptiness" will greatly slow down the deck for a short moment.


  • Incidentally, there is also a concept known as "Cosmo" in the Saint Seiya franchise.

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