Klamath Osler is the third Card Professor in Yu-Gi-Oh! R. He is named after Klamath Falls, Oregon. "Klamath" is also a pre-release codename for the 300 MHz Intel Pentium II chip.


Osler was hired with many other card professors to guard the R.A. Project by Yako Tenma. He guards one of the lower floors of KaibaCorp. He planted a "Booby Trap" card in one of the upper floors. When Katsuya Jonouchi picks it up, a trap door opens - a literal booby trap. This separated him from Yugi Mutou, letting Kirk Dixon corner him. Klamath Dueled Jonouchi and claimed he has stronger luck than him. Though he consistently got good draws, he lost to Jonouchi's "Roulette Spider". He seems to be good friend with Dixon, as a picture of the two operating remote-controlled toys, based on the monsters that they use is shown.[1]


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Katsuya Jonouchi 5 Lose

Klamath uses an Insect Deck that centers around his "Antlion".



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