King of Yamimakai
  • Japanese: 闇魔界の覇王
  • Romaji: Yamimakai no Haō
  • Translated: Supreme King of the Dark Demon World

7 ★★★★★★★[note 1]


2600 / 2300[note 1]

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  1. 1.0 1.1 In the original Japanese manga, this card's Level and ATK/DEF are 7 and 2600/2000 in one scene and 6 and 2600/2300 in a later scene. This was corrected in the bunkoban to use 7 and 2600/2300 in both instances. In the English manga, it was Level 7 with 2600/2300 ATK/DEF in the first scene and Level 6 with 2300/2300 ATK/DEF in the later scene.
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King of Yamimakai +
King of Yamimakai +
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闇魔界の覇王 +
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King of Yamimakai (manga) +
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Yamimakai no Haō +
闇魔界の覇王 +
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