Kenta is a character appearing in the second series anime. He befriends Serenity Wheeler while she is in the hospital recovering from surgery, having met her when he ducked into her room while trying to avoid getting an x-ray, even though the nurse said it was painless. She covers for him, understanding his fear. He gives her the play-by-play of her brother's Duel against Weevil Underwood as thanks, though several times throughout the Duel he expressed doubt and lack of confidence in Joey due to Weevil's tactics. Due to Serenity's unshakable confidence in Joey during his Duel, as well as promising to be friends, Kenta learned how to overcome his fears, even asking if Serenity could get him Joey's autograph.


  • Serenity never saw Kenta in both of the entire episodes of "Playing with a Parasite, Part 1" and "Playing with a Parasite, Part 2" in which he only appears in the entire series because her eyes are still recovering from the operation she has gone through and that she can't take the bandages off yet from her eyes. Never knowing the identity of the boy she befriended in that hospital while she's recovering for the rest of her life.


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