Dr. Kekeru Goyu is a doctor in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.


Goyu did not take proper care of Shizuka, Katsuya Jonouchi's sister, and instead focused on playing golf and scheduling meetings with his friends to play.

The doctor had fired Nurse Miyuki, who had slapped him for his own neglect on Shizuka, in addition to countless other patients, who had all wound up dying. Jonouchi was forced to keep quiet about Goyu's antics, because if he went public about it, Shizuka would be kicked out of the hospital.

Faced with Jonouchi crying, Yugi was shocked and as such, Dark Yugi emerged and headed for the hospital. He confronted Goyu, with evidence of his corruption and negligence, and challenged him in a putt-putt game within the hospital, by whoever got their ball into the nurse's station on the first floor. Kekeru initially thought he won when Dark Yugi (seemingly) shot his ball out of bounds; however, he actually hit it into a mail slot, which was connected to the Nurse's station.

As his Penalty Game, Goyu was haunted by visions of the vengeful ghosts of his dead patients. Driven insane, Goyu laughed maniacally and admitted to the rest of the staff that he cares more for golf than his patients. He was fired afterwards.

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