Kaibas' pendant

The lockets

The Kaiba brother's pendant is a set of lockets made by Mokuba Kaiba for himself and Seto Kaiba.

While Seto was in a coma, having been Mind Crushed by Yugi, Mokuba was told that Seto was reassembling the puzzle of his heart and would reawaken once he'd solved it.

Taking a picture of himself and Seto playing chess in the orphanage that had been torn in two, Mokuba placed it inside a set of lockets, whose doors were fashioned after the backing of Duel Monsters cards.

Mokuba kept the locket with Seto in it for himself. He gave Seto the one with him in it, believing it to be the final piece of the puzzle of Seto's heart.

The two brothers wore their pendants during the duration of Duelist Kingdom, often opening or clutching them as they thought of one another.

The pendants need to be inserted into two slots in order to activate the self-destruction system of the Duel Tower. Kaiba and Mokuba used them to do this during the Battle City finals.

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