KaibaCorp special forces

The special forces, surrounding Diva

The Kaiba Corporation special forces ( (かい) () コーポレーション (とく) (しゅ) () (たい) tokushu butai)[1] are a tactical unit of KaibaCorp, appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.


KC special forces lineart

Line art

The special forces aided in Seto Kaiba's abduction of Diva, following his theft of two Millennium Puzzle pieces. While Diva was an a rooftop, they flew helicopters nearby. Some of the forces dropped out of the helicopters and subdued Diva. They blindfolded him with a deprivation mask to block his communication with the Prana and took the Quantum Cube. They then flew him away for interrogation.[2]


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