A KaibaCorp guard was present during Death-T, alongside Saruwatari in the manga. The two of them were secretly spies for Industrial Illusions, who double-crossed Seto Kaiba.



He accompanied Mokuba Kaiba and Saruwatari on the way to Mokuba's game of Capsule Monster Chess with Dark Yugi in Death T-4. He and Saruwatari held Yugi's friends: Anzu Mazaki, Katsuya Jonouchi and Johji at gunpoint, while Mokuba faced Yugi. The two of them were to kill Yugi's friends if Dark Yugi lost.[1]

After Mokuba's defeat, he and Saruwatari brought Yugi's friends up to the Dome Duel Arena to watch Dark Yugi face Seto Kaiba in Death T-5.[2]

When Kaiba lost, he continued to hold them at gunpoint, until Hiroto Honda appeared and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him down. While Jonouchi and Honda attacked Saruwatari, he got back to his feet, grabbed Jonouchi and held a gun to his face. However, Mokuba appeared and ordered him to let them go.[3]

Duelist Kingdom

Jammed gun (manga)

The guard's gun getting jammed.

He traveled with Seto Kaiba to Duelist Kingdom via a helicopter, whose pilot was also a spy. When he realized that Kaiba was suspicious of what was going on, he held a gun to his head. Before being shot, Kaiba asked requested that he move his cards, so that they don't get blood on them. Kaiba then managed to use the card "Gyakutenno Megami" to jam the gun. Kaiba grabbed the gun, snapping his finger and ordered the two spies to jump out of the helicopter into the ocean.[4]


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