Kabuki School

The Kabuki School (歌舞伎塾 Kabuki Juku) is a school in Paradise City. This school can be seen when Sora was going against his fifth Duelist, an Ōkabuki. After the Ōkabuki ended his turn, Sora got excited, but Zuzu told him to stop messing around and draw already. Sora frowned but noticed that Zuzu was really excited and drew "Edge Imp Sabres". Since Zuzu knew about Sora's cards, he asked her what he should do. She replied that he should use "Polymerization" from his hand to fuse "Edge Imp Sabres" and "Fluffal Bear" from the hand as well. He does so, with her mimicking his movements, to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Bear". Sora and Zuzu declared an attack on the Ōkabuki, and defeated him.[1]



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