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The Jurracs, or romanized as Juraks, are an Archetype of FIRE Dinosaur-Type monsters released as Duel Terminal Promos in Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!! and Hidden Arsenal 2. Jurrac is the only pure-Dinosaur archetype in the game. Visually, most Jurracs are brightly colored, usually with bright red and yellow extremities and blue bodies, resembling the various colors of flame.

Jurrac effects tend to deal with destroying monsters by battle and gaining ATK by tributing other Dinosaurs. "Jurrac Giganoto", one of the three "Jurrac" Synchros, has the ability to grant additional ATK points to Jurracs on the field for each Jurrac in the player's Graveyard.

Notably, many of the Jurrac monsters search Jurracs with 1700 ATK or less, as opposed to the customary 1500 or less often searched (such as with "Giant Rat", "UFO Turtle", and "Masked Dragon").

Play style

A Jurrac Deck focuses on destroying monsters by battle to trigger advantage-building effects. With the combination of "Jurrac Velo", "Jurrac Guaiba", and "Fossil Dig", they have lots of search power.

Key Monsters

  • "Jurrac Guaiba": Level 4 1700 attacker. If it destroys a monster by battle, Special Summon a Jurrac with 1700 or less ATK from your Deck (it can't attack this turn). Good for generating advantage and making Synchros or Xyzs.
  • "Jurrac Velo": Level 4 1700 attacker. If it's in Attack Position and is destroyed by battle, Special Summon a Jurrac with 1700 or less ATK from your Deck. Good for toolboxing "Jurrac Aeolo" or "Jurrac Guaiba".
  • "Jurrac Dino": Level 3 1700 attacker and Tuner. If it destroys a monster by battle, you can Tribute a Jurrac during the End Phase to draw 2 cards. Good for gaining advantage and for Synchro Summons.
  • "Jurrac Aeolo": Level 1 Tuner. Tribute it to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Jurrac from your Graveyard. Excellent with "Rekindling".


  • Jurrac Giganoto: A Level 7 Synchro Monster, he is easily Summoned by using "Jurrac Guaiba" to Special Summon "Jurrac Monoloph"/"Dino". "Giganoto" raises the ATK of all of your Jurracs by 200 for each Jurrac in your Graveyard, and summoning the Synchro usually means that your monsters will have a minimum boost of 400. Using "Guaiba", you can easily get 2 of them out, giving a combined 1600 boost. This is great for ending games quickly.
  • Jurrac Meteor: A Level 10 Synchro monster. Requires a "Jurrac" Tuner as well as 2 or more Dinosaur non-Tuners. This may seem difficult, but is eased by "Jurrac Guaiba": destroy a monster, get "Jurrac Gallim" (Level 2 Tuner), and Normal Summon a Level 4 monster. When you summon Meteor, his effect is similar to "Black Rose Dragon"; all cards on the field are destroyed. Unlike Black Rose Dragon, the effect is mandatory; however, he also Special Summons a Tuner from your Graveyard. The best choice would be "Jurrac Dino" with 1700 ATK, or "Jurrac Aeolo" which can Tribute itself to revive any Level 4 or lower Jurrac.
  • Jurrac Spinos: A two-Tribute Jurrac like "Titano", but with a very different effect. When "Spinos" destroys your opponent's monster by battle, it Special Summons a small Attack-Position Token to your opponent's field. This allows an easy kill for your weaker Jurrac monsters, activating their effects and cracking at your opponent's Life Points, and also stops "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" and "Battle Fader" from being used.


  • High ATK: Jurracs whose effects trigger in battle have plenty of opportunity to do so. The low-Level Jurracs generally have 1700 ATK, which is decent, but they have no equivalent to "Honest" or "Kalut" (i.e. surprise ATK-boosters). Instead, a Jurrac player should use "Jurrac Giganoto", and "Shrink" or "Half Counter". "Solidarity" is also a fairly good choice, boosting a 1700 ATK monster to the point where it can take down a Monarch in battle. "Burden of the Mighty" can be used in a Deck only partially composed of Jurracs, as can single-use tricks like "Forbidden Lance". ATK-boosting is fairly essential to a Jurrac Deck.
  • Synchro/Xyz capability: Again, "Jurrac Guaiba" is a star here. With the ability to quickly recruit Level 1, 2, or 3 Tuners, the Deck easily produces Level 5, 6, or 7 Synchro Monsters. In addition, you can use any 2 Level 4 Jurracs for the Xyz Summon of "Evolzar Laggia", who negates Spells, Traps, and Summons or "Evolzar Dolkka", who negates Monster Effects. Furthermore, "Jurrac Aeolo" can be used with "Rekindling" to gain advantage and modulate Levels for any situation. While the Deck has trouble reaching Level 8 on its own, you can add "Flamvell Firedog" and "Flamvell Magician" for use with "Rekindling".


  • Tough monsters: Like the Gladiator Beasts, a Jurrac Deck that cannot defeat the opponent's monsters is crippled. If the opponent prevents you from Special Summoning, you will have to depend on Normal and Tribute Summons. If the opponent prevents you from battling (for example, with "Ally of Justice Catastor") or eliminates the cards used to boost the Jurracs' ATK, few of the monsters will do anything for you. For this reason, it's a good idea to run "Dimensional Prison" and similar cheap removal.
  • Graveyard recursion: Besides "Jurrac Aeolo" and the difficult "Jurrac Meteor", Jurracs do not have many ways to Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard. "Jurrac Herra" can revive itself, but its effect should not trigger often in normal play. However, "Kinka-byo" and "Rekindling" can be used to recycle "Jurrac Aeolo" in a Deck centered on it, allowing for big plays from the Graveyard.
  • Backrow dependence: Due to high draw power combined with a lack of Continuous or Quick Effects, Jurracs rely on Spell and Trap support to convert their physical strength into advantage. They can't do much against mass removal and OTKs. For this reason, "Effect Veiler" and "Starlight Road" are sometimes teched for use against Decks with explosive finishers (Plants, Lightsworns, etc.).

Common support cards

  • Evolzar Laggia: You can Xyz Summon this card just by destroying a monster with "Jurrac Guaiba" and Summoning a Level 4 Jurrac like "Jurrac Velo". This card gives Jurracs more control options, making them more of an aggro control type of deck.
  • Evolzar Dolkka: Has the same Materials as "Laggia", but negates Monster Effects. This card rounds out the protection provided by "Laggia" and is an easy answer to "Ally of Justice Catastor".
  • Hydrogeddon: Easy swarming. Works well with Dinosaur ATK-boosters. The newly Summoned "Hydrogeddon" can attack too, so in some cases it's better than "Guaiba". Searchable via "Fossil Dig".
  • Big Evolution Pill: Tribute 1 Dinosaur, and you can Normal Summon any Dinosaur without Tribute. But it only remains face-up on the field for 3 of your opponent's turns, which means you won't usually get more than 2 Summons. However, when combined with "Ultimate Offering", you can Summon many times during your Main Phase or the opponent's Battle Phase. Ensure an easy OTK by Summoning two Level 4 Jurracs and Xyz Summoning "Evolzar Laggia"/"Dolkka" before you drop your big Dinos.
  • One for One: It allows an easy search of "Jurrac Aeolo", and quick revival of any Level 4 or lower Jurrac in the Graveyard, including the one you discarded.
  • Royal Decree: Since this is an attack-based Deck a card such as "Royal Decree" could make threats from all Trap Cards vanish. Useful in Jurrac Beatdown as well as a Deck centered around "Rekindling".



  • Defenders Intersect: Forces monsters from Defense Position to Attack Position, negating their effects and forcing them to attack. This defuses popular cards such as "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter" or "Gravekeeper's Spy" that can be troublesome, and since they have low ATK it's a good chance to deal a blow to your opponent.
  • "Gozen Match": Since all Jurracs and "Evolzar" Xyz Monsters are FIRE, this card doesn't hinder them. So you can side it against Decks that have monsters with different Attributes.
  • Rivalry of Warlords: If you're only going to be using Dinosaurs, this card works well to mess with your opponent's strategies. It's a good Side Deck card against Decks like Quickdraw Plants.


The archetype name is probably derived from the word, "Jurassic".

Some "Jurrac" monsters are named after prehistoric dinosaurs (ex. Jurrac Velo = Velociraptor).

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