Jono is the Egyptian counterpart of Joey Wheeler. He is friends with the Prince, although he is initially unaware of his royal status.


Jono is first seen dueling and losing to the mage Seto where he is greeted by Teana and the Prince, just before he is defeated. The mage mocks Jono's dueling skills but Jono and Teana tell him that the Prince could easily defeat him. Seto is however summoned and cannot duel the Prince. Jono, Teana and the Prince return to the Dueling Grounds where he loses to the Prince in a friendly duel.

Jono is not seen again until Yugi Muto returns the Prince to the past. Upon the prince's return Jono briefs him on the political situation of the Dynasty and how the Mages, led by Heishin govern the land. He leads the Prince to the Hidden Dueling Grounds where he plays him in another friendly duel.

After the Prince defeats the High Mages Jono informs him that Teana has been kidnapped by Seto. The Prince and Jono head to the Dark Shrine where they defeat a Labyrinth Mage (or multiple depending on how the player navigates). After passing the Labyrinth, they find Seto and Heishin with some aides, holding down Teana. Seto releases Teana saying and offers the prince a chance to duel Heishin. Teana thanks Jono and the Prince for the rescue and they travel back to the Hidden Dueling Grounds. Jono tells the Prince to be cautious as they part ways.


Jono's Deck is based on Joey Wheeler's Deck from Duelist Kingdom. The first time the player faces him, he uses mainly Warrior and Beast-Warrior cards. "Time Wizard" can be won off him at this point. The second time the player faces him, a significant change to his Deck is the inclusion of "Red-eyes B. Dragon", which the player can win off him.

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