Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner's Duel was a game of Duel Monsters between Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It is based on their Duel from the manga.

Most of the Duel took place off screen and Téa easily won, due to Joey's unbalance pure-monster Deck.

In the Japanese, anime they were only shown Dueling once in this instance. In the English dub, they were said to have played another four off-screen Duels, all of which were won by Téa.


The Duel

Joey Summoned "Rock Ogre Grotto #1" in Attack Mode and bragged about how strong it was. Téa flipped over "Happy Lover", which Joey mocked for being weak.

Téa activated "Breath of Light", eroding Joey's monster into dust and blowing it away. Joey's Life Points dropped to 0, causing Téa to win.


Frustrated by his inability to win, Joey begged Yugi to tell him what he was doing wrong, so Yugi took a look at his Deck and was surprised to find it contained only Monster Cards. Joey grinned that he stuffed it with the toughest monsters he could find. However Yugi explained that the biggest strategy in the game is combining monsters with Magic Cards and if someone fights with monsters alone, the opponent can easily dodge their attacks. Joey thought about that and then begged Yugi to help make him better, so Yugi invited him over to his house after school, since the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship was on TV that night.

Cards used

The following cards were shown

Joey Wheeler
Téa Gardner


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