Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Breo 100 Win (flashback)
Yusei Fudo 101-102 Lose
Nicolas 104 Win (off-screen)
Hermann 104 Lose (Disqualified)

Jean uses a Beatdown Deck focused on constantly and brutally attacking the opponent with monsters such as "Rhinotaurus". Jean's Deck also contains a large amount of cards to destroy the opponent's Spell and Trap Cards such as "Hypnocorn" and "Chain Whirlwind", ensuring his tactics aren't interrupted. He also utilizes the "Unicorn" series to shift strategies to work in tandem with his teammate's strategies.

Turbo Deck - Season 3


Video games

Duel Transer

Beacon of the Unicorn

Over the Nexus


  1. This card is shown to be in Jean's Extra Deck during episode 102 via the effect of "Lightning Tricorn".
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