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These are the January 2003 Forbidden and Limited Lists for the OCG in effect since January 1, 2003.[1]

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Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards
  • Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの () (ごえ)
  • Ceasefire (てい) (せん) (きょう) (てい)
  • Exchange of the Spirit (げん) () (めい) (かい) (ぎゃく) (てん)
  • Imperial Order (おう) (きゅう) (ちょく) (めい)
  • Magic Cylinder魔法の筒 (マジック・シリンダー)
  • Mirror Force (せい) なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」
  • Reckless Greed () (ぼう) (よく) () り」
  • Ring of Destruction () (かい) (りん)


Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards


Card Japanese name Card type Old status (May 2002) New status (January 2003)
Breaker the Magical Warrior () (どう) (せん) () ブレイカー Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Sangan クリッター Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Sinister Serpent キラー・スネーク Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Tribe-Infecting Virus (どう) (ぞく) (かん) (せん) ウィルス Monster Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Butterfly Dagger - Elma (ちょう) (たん) (けん) -エルマ Spell Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Graceful Charity (てん) 使 () (ほどこ) Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Mirage of Nightmare (あく) () (しん) () (ろう) Spell Card 1Unlimited 3Limited
Creature Swap (きょう) (せい) (てん) () Spell Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited