Jakob, known as José (ホセ, Hose) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Tag Force games. This is a video game version of the anime character, Jakob.



Ending scenes


Tag Force 5

Jakob's first Deck is called "Funeral" (葬送, Sōsō). A funeral is a ceremony to honor a recently deceased person. This Deck focuses on Summoning "Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity".

His second Deck is called "Psalms" (詩篇, Shihen). Its name comes from the book of Psalms from the bible. This Deck focuses on Summoning the three "Machine Emperors".

His third Deck is called "Carnival" (謝肉祭 (しゃにくさい) , Shanikusai). Carnival is a Christian festival which takes place before Lent. This Deck focuses on Summoning "Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity".

His fourth Deck is called "From the New World" (新世界より, Shinsekai Yori). "From the New World" is the name of a symphony by Antonín Dvořák. This Deck ignores the Forbidden and Limited lists used in the game. It is based on the "Magical Scientist OTK". Aside from the cards necessary to perform the One Turn Kill, it contains many cards to quickly draw through the Deck and Summon "Magical Scientist" and "Catapult Turtle".

From the New World

Tag Force 6

Hunting for God's Pleasure
Those Who Neither Sleep Nor Stop
Creation of the World
Death and Purification

Tag Force Special

Meklord Emperor of the Land (地の機皇帝, Ji no kikōtei) ★3
Despicable Synchro (忌むべきシンクロ, Imubeki shinkuro) ★5
Granel's Ultimate Form (グランエル究極態, Guraneru kyūkyoku tai) ★7


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