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I do not have the strength to fight. My heart was shrouded in darkness. My friends fell one by one. All I can do is believe. We have no choice but to keep moving on. In order to open the future.

— Jaden Yuki, to Nightshroud[14]

Jaden Yuki, known as Judai Yuki in the Japanese version, is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as well as the reincarnation of the Supreme King. At the end of the third season, he fused his soul with Yubel, his childhood ace card, with "Super Polymerization" to become a Duel Monster-Human hybrid. He is headstrong, optimistic, fun loving, and a talented Duelist who loves Dueling as much as he cares for his friends.

He attended Duel Academy and was put in the Slifer Red Dorm, the dorm with the least privileges, due to his poor grades in the entrance exam. As time goes on, he becomes the academy's best Duelist and saves the world and the academy from many threats such as Kagemaru and the Shadow Riders, the Light of Destruction possessed Sartorius, Yubel, and finally the malicious entity Nightshroud. After three years, he graduates from Duel Academy and pursues his own journey to improve himself.



Judai Linework

Jaden's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in full Slifer Red regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of his head from different angles.

Jaden's usual outfit consists of the standard Slifer Red uniform, unbuttoned, and a black shirt underneath. A Deck box is strapped above his waistline, largely hidden beneath the lower rim of his jacket. In the first episode he is seen wearing a high school uniform similar to the one worn by Yugi Muto, though colored black instead of blue. He also wore a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm for his entrance exam Duel. His brown eyes are positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. After joining Duel Academy, he carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm.

Jaden first season

Jaden as seen in the first three seasons.

Jaden (Yubel's Eyes)

Jaden as seen in the fourth season with Yubel's eyes.

In the fourth season, Jaden is seen with his new look, but he is still easy to identify from the past seasons. He comes back a bit taller, with longer hair, a longer, darker Slifer Red jacket, darker jeans and, since he fused his soul with Yubel in the third season, occasionally manifesting its power to protect himself in the form of his eyes glowing the same bichromatic scheme Yubel's did. His eyes have also been redesigned. His Duel Disk is now fully customized with red outlines on it representing his dorm, though otherwise it looks the same (although the difference is very noticeable).


In the Japanese version, Jaden rarely uses honorifics, and his speech pattern could be considered rude as a result, similar to Joey Wheeler's.

In the dub, Jaden has several catchphrases associated with him. He begins almost every Duel with the phrase "Get your game on!" and ends almost every Duel he wins by saying "That's game!" He also often says some variation of "I'll throw down a face-down" when Setting cards. He also occasionally uses the phrase "Here goes something" when drawing in a desperate situation. Jaden tends to speak in stereotypical '90s slang, calling people "bro" and advising opponents to "chill." He is also noted for saying "A Duel's not over 'till the last card is played!" which is likely Jaden's way of expressing his belief in the Heart of the Cards. In the Japanese version, Judai sometimes says "Is that so?" when he is about to turn the tables and win the Duel.

In both the English and Japanese versions, Jaden will wink and point two fingers at a defeated opponent. In the dub, whenever Jaden wins a Duel, he says "That's game;" in the Japanese version Judai says "Gotcha! Tanoshii dyueru dattaze" ("Gotcha! That was a fun Duel"), or simply "Gotcha!."


Jaden is friendly, optimistic, laid-back, enthusiastic, kind, confident, funny, and very passionate about Dueling. Jaden loves Dueling and believes that all problems can ultimately be solved through it. He keeps going no matter how hard things get or how hopeless it seems, with a few exceptions (though it doesn't take much encouragement for him to start fighting again), although he does sometimes doubt himself. He always shows respect towards his opponents, with a few exceptions, even complimenting them during a Duel.

Jaden shows little interest in areas outside of Dueling, which extends to his classes. When he chooses to attend them, he generally falls asleep. Despite his low grades, he is still regarded as one of Duel Academy's best Duelists. However, this attitude eventually shows itself as one of his greatest flaws, and causes him to be targeted by Mr. Stein. He shows a lack of knowledge in areas outside of Dueling, even showing in one instance that he is unaware of what the term "fiancee" means, and forgetting that the holographic water will not drown him in another.

Jaden also seems to be ignorant of the dislike that other individuals have for him, as despite the obvious tension between the two, he considers himself to be good friends with Chazz Princeton. His carefree attitude and lack of thought get him into trouble occasionally, such as when he handed the Satellite Keys to Sartorius and still expected the latter to Duel him before using them. He occasionally shows signs of intellect, such as determining that Titan's Shadow Game was a fake, and figuring out that both Brier and Beauregard were the Duel Giant on another occasion.

One of Jaden's common traits is that he tends to make jokes or puns, even in some situations where it is not appropriate. Most of the jokes he makes are Duel-related but on a few occasions he does make jokes at someone's expense. For example, he called Crowler "Cyclops" when the latter got struck in the eye with a tennis ball. Another example is when Jaden Duels The Society of Light controlled Alexis and she tells him to "Throw in the game" to which the former replies "The only thing I throw in is the towel on laundry day."

Jaden has a close bond with his cards, to the point where he has no problem with an opponent insulting him, but is angered when they insult his cards. An example of this is when Crowler calls his "Winged Kuriboh" lame and Jaden immediately gets angry; this happens also when Gravekeeper's Chief repeatedly refers to Winged Kuriboh as a "rodent". Jaden is also fiercely loyal to his friends, which often results in his risking his life to save them. This is ultimately exploited by Yubel and Brron, who drive him to the brink of despair via the elimination of his loved ones as he demonstrates his unnatural rage, which weakens him enough to be possessed by the spirit of his ancestor. After being freed from the influence of The Supreme King, Jaden shows many signs of depression, and constantly asks himself where he went wrong, and is horrified by what he's done while ruling the alternate dimension. Even after the sacrifice of Aster Phoenix, Jaden is still unable to regain his resolve. When confronted by Guardian Baou, Jaden even resigns himself to be killed at the same spot his friends were sacrificed. His resolve is stirred by the arrival of Bastion Misawa, who reveals that Yubel is responsible for everything that's transpired and want Jaden to become the next Supreme King. Wanting revenge, Jaden defeats Baou and moves on, witnessing what he believed to be the death of Zane Truesdale, which stirs him to continue.

After his ordeal in season three, Jaden develops a much more cynical outlook on life and is far more brooding and serious. He finds himself unable to enjoy Dueling and attempts to end his Duels as quickly as possible. He even ceases to use his catchphrases. Despite still caring deeply for his friends, he is much more distant towards them, not wanting them to be hurt by the danger his presence tends to attract. He begins to recover his love of Dueling during the Pair Duel tournament and fully recovers it during his Duel against Yugi. This is proven in Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time. Even when Jaden was still fused with Yubel and the Supreme King, he showed the same personality as the one he had in the first three seasons, showing that he in fact loves having a good time and Dueling again.


Jaden has an incredible luck of the draw, as demonstrated when he went on a 10-day streak of drawing the Golden Eggwich correctly. He has also demonstrated this when he correctly picked a Joker from a pair of playing cards and picked a salmon-flavored sushi from among apricot, dried-fish, and salmon-flavored sushi (which were virtually indistinguishable from an outside perspective).[10] When Dueling Jaden often draws the exact card he needs to win through sheer luck rather than supernatural powers.

Jaden demonstrated incredible athletic abilities, seen when he jumped into the air at a great height to hit a tennis ball served by Mindy. After he fused Yubel's soul with his own, his athletic ability has shown to have increased. He was seen jumping on platforms while trying to escape from an exploding KaibaCorp building, as well as jumping from building to building when he was attacked by Paradox.

Jaden has had an ability called the The Gentle Darkness inside his soul, which gives him the power to see and hear Duel Monster spirits and control them. This is the main power that is used by the Supreme King that Jaden inherited from his past life. While under the Supreme Kings persona, Jaden quickly established his own monarch of Duel Monster Spirits. Supposedly, this power also created the "Dark Fusion" Spell and the Evil Hero counterparts of his Elemental Heroes. In the fourth season, Jaden can use it to materialize Duel Monsters and their powers. After the events in the Dimension World arc, Jaden now has the power of Yubel and the Supreme King inside him. When he materializes his Duel Monsters, he can make them even stronger. Yubel's power allows him to sense people's thoughts and emotions, see visions of the future, and protects him from other supernatural powers, like hypnosis and Nightshroud's influence. Yubel's powers also let him quickly figure out that Honest was masquerading as Fujiwara. Jaden's eyes take the same color as Yubel's or the Supreme King when manifesting either of their abilities. He is also able to project his voice out for people in yonder reach to hear, as shown in the final Duel with Nightshroud.

Due to being fused with Yubel, Nightshroud described Jaden as not a human being, but a strange blend between a human and a Duel Monster spirit and refered to him as a "foreign object".


The word "Judai" means "teenager." "Yuki", if not following the kanji, has multiple meanings, the most common being "courage;" thus it can be inferred into the phrase "courageous teenager." It should also be noted that the kanji for "Yuki" is the combination of Yugi and Joey's Japanese given names. His English given name means "gift from God." Jaden is the only protagonist to have his first name changed in the dub. He is also the only protagonist whose given name does not contain "Yu"; instead, his surname contains it.



Young Jaden and Yubel

Jaden during his childhood with Yubel watching over him.

As a child, Jaden loved Duel Monsters and from an early age was able to sense Duel Monster Spirits. Both of his parents, however, were rarely at home, as they were busy working. As a result, Jaden spent many of his days playing Duel Monsters with neighborhood children. His favorite card was "Yubel", which was a gift from his father. Due to this and his ability to sense and speak to Duel Spirits, Jaden formed a strong connection and bond with the card’s spirit. However, whenever Jaden played "Yubel", something horrible would happen to his opponent. The first of them was Osamu, a neighborhood friend of Jaden’s.


Jaden as a child, drawing his card designs for KaibaCorp's contest.

After Osamu defeated Jaden in a duel, he fell into a coma which was caused by Yubel. This was because the spirit of the "Yubel" card was overly protective of Jaden and sought to punish any and all perceived threats to him and their friendship. This included his dueling opponents, as well as anyone who dared to anger it by causing Jaden sadness. After that incident, no one wished to duel Jaden anymore so long as he kept Yubel in his deck, as they feared for their safety.[12] Despite realizing that Yubel was the cause of these incidents, Jaden refused to throw her card away, due to the strong bond he held with her. As a result, Jaden was alienated by others and lost all his friends, causing him to suffer from extreme loneliness.

Around this time, Jaden entered a card design contest held by KaibaCorp, and won with his monster designs, which included the "Neo-Spacians" and "Dandylion."[15] As part of the project, the cards he designed were launched into space, with the hopes that the cards would be imbued with space waves. Jaden also requested that his "Yubel" card be sent up in a separate capsule, hoping that the space waves would pacify the malicious spirit of the card.[12] Soon after, Jaden began having nightmares where he would see Yubel burning in flames. These nightmares were actually Yubel psychically communicating with Jaden, in the hopes of being rescued from her painful exposure to the Light of Destruction. Due to his nightmares, Jaden couldn’t get any sleep which led his parents to arranged for him to have a medical procedure performed on him, which not only stopped the nightmares but also inadvertently suppressed all memories of Yubel.[16] Also, Jaden's medical procedure erased the memories of him participating in the card design contest.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX[]

Seven Stars[]

Start of the year[]

Jaden meets Yugi and receives "Winged Kuriboh".

Jaden overslept on the morning that he was scheduled to take his entrance exam in order to enroll in the Academy. As he rushed through the streets to make it to the test center in time, he bumped into Yugi Muto, dropping his cards in the process. Yugi asked Jaden if he was a Duelist and gave him a "Winged Kuriboh" card, telling Jaden that he felt that "the card belongs with him." When he arrived, the head teacher at Duel Academy, Dr. Crowler, was hesitant to allow Jaden to take his exam, but a phone call from his superior, Chancellor Sheppard changed his mind. Crowler dueled Jaden himself, and disregarded the rule that he is to use an exam Deck, instead using his personal Deck. Jaden is impressed by Crowler's "Ancient Gear Golem," but is able to hold off its attack with "Winged Kuriboh," whose spirit he is capable of seeing and communicating with, something that most people would not be able to do. He proceeds to win the Duel using "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman" and "Skyscraper," with him citing the former as his favorite card.[1]

Jaden is accepted into Duel Academy and is placed in the Slifer Red dorm, which is the lowest-ranked of the three dorms. Jaden's roommates were Syrus Truesdale and Chumley Huffington. Jaden would then get himself in a confrontation with Chazz Princeton, an Obelisk Blue student who had witnessed Crowler's defeat to Jaden. Believing his victory to be a fluke, Chazz challenged Jaden to a Duel, which is interrupted midway through. Though Chazz believed he would have won, Jaden had just drawn a card that would win him the Duel.[2] Dr. Crowler, eager to exact his revenge on Jaden, began plans to get him expelled. He placed a fake love note in Jaden's gym locker, on which he had forged the signature of Alexis Rhodes, one of the top female students. Syrus found the note instead of Jaden, and rowed across the lake to the girls dorm. Jaden followed and saved Syrus from expulsion by defeating Alexis in a Duel.[17] The owner of Duel Academy's card shop, Ms. Dorothy, gifted Jaden with some rare cards after he helped her push her van up the hill when it stalled. In Duel Academy's promotion exams, Jaden had his rematch with Chazz, who had been supplied powerful cards by Dr. Crowler. Jaden's use of "Transcendent Wings" to evolve "Winged Kuriboh" to level ten won him the Duel, and he is therefore allowed to move up to the Ra Yellow dorm but he declined the opportunity.[18]

Crowler's crusade against Jaden continued, with him sending Titan, a self-proclaimed "Shadow Duelist" to defeat Jaden. Titan used illusions to make it appear he had the ability to start Shadow Duels. Jaden was skeptical throughout the whole Duel, and is proven correct - it was a sham. They Duel in the Abandoned Dorm, and the spirits of the dorm are angered by Titan. A real Shadow Duel actually did begin - with Jaden still refusing to believe in it until the Duel's end, when he is saved by Winged Kuriboh.[19][20] Due to their trespass at the Abandoned Dorm, both Jaden and Syrus were nearly expelled. They got a chance to stay by participating in a Tag Duel. Should they win, their records would be cleared. Jaden Dueled Syrus as practice for the latter, and Jaden defeated him. Finding that Syrus had confidence problems, he is then told by Alexis that they stem from Syrus' relationship with his older brother, Zane Truesdale, who is known as the best Duelist at the academy.[21] Determined to help Syrus and to see how he ranks against the best, Jaden challenged Zane to a Duel. Though the latter compliments Jaden's abilities, Jaden suffers his first loss since arriving at the academy, losing to Zane's "Cyber End Dragon." Despite this, Jaden does not get upset over his loss and thanks Zane for dueling with him. The duel between him and Zane helped spur Syrus' confidence.[22] The two were unable to function as a team in their Duel against the Paradox Brothers at first,[23] but pulled things together in the end, allowing them to stay at the academy.[24]

Jaden developed a friendship and rivalry with Bastion Misawa. Both had expressed desire to Duel one another since witnessing their respective entrance exams. After Bastion's victory with a Duel against Chazz, he was offered a promotion to Obelisk Blue but declines, stating he will not enter it until he becomes the best student in the freshman class. To do so, he believes he needs to defeat Jaden. However, he does not wish to Duel him right away, as he wished to develop a Deck specifically to counter Jaden's.[3] When Chazz leaves Duel Academy Jaden and Syrus try to find him with Jasmine Mindy and Alexis. On the way they encounter Wheeler a cybernetic monkey who kidnaps Jasmine. Jaden and the others try to save her. Wheeler's doctor arrives and says that the monkey only knows dueling. Jaden beats him in a duel and lets Wheeler live with his family. [25] Jaden stayed at Duel Academy during winter break, finding himself in a life-threatening Duel with the spirit of the "Jinzo" card. Jaden felt real pain as his Life Points decreased, and his body parts fade as he is attacked. Though he wins, he gets his first taste of a Shadow Duel,[26] though he does not realize this until a later date.[27] Jaden then found himself in a Duel over the affections of Alexis against the captain of Duel Academy's tennis team, Harrington Rosewood. Harrington gets an early lead during the Duel with his "Ace" cards. After Jaden deals major damage to him via direct attacks, he then activates "Deuce" and almost wins with its effect, but Jaden was able to save himself win the Duel, becoming Alexis' fiancee as per the terms that Harrington set. However, he has no clue what fiancee means. Alexis calls him an idiot in response (in the English version, she tells that it means they're just friends, "for now").[28]

Jaden got an opportunity to Duel against the Deck of Yugi Muto when the said Deck went on tour at Duel Academy. A copycat Duelist named Dimitri stole the Deck and Jaden Dueled him to get it back. He found himself in awe of Yugi's monsters, and was excited when he defeated "Dark Magician" with "Elemental Hero Bladedge". However, Dimitri Summoned "Dark Magician of Chaos," which devastates Jaden.[29] He hung on, and successfully defeated Dimitri with "Flame Wingman," recovering the Deck.[30] Jaden later welcomes a new student named Blair Flannigan to Duel Academy. However it's revealed she is a girl and after Jaden beats her in a Duel she says that she came to meet Zane. However, she leaves because she is too young.[31] Jaden is nominated by Zane to be the academy's representative against North Academy, with Chancellor Sheppard accepting it. Crowler nominated Bastion in response, and he proposed the two of them Duel in order to decide who the representative would be. Bastion claims that he's nearly finished his Deck that will counter Jaden's strategy. Jaden gained an early advantage in the Duel, but is set back when Bastion negated "Polymerization" with "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell", preventing Jaden from Fusion Summoning in the usual way.[4] Jaden is forced to play defensively as Bastion's "Water Dragon" and "Hyozanryu" destroyed his monsters. Jaden unveiled a new "Elemental Hero" - "Wildheart." Using it and and "Cyclone Boomerang," Jaden won the Duel via effect damage. Bastion then promised to create another Deck to challenge Jaden again someday.[32] Jaden found his rivalry with Chazz renewed when the latter returned to Duel Academy as the representative of North Academy. Jaden overheard an outburst of Chazz's, in which he expressed dislike for the burden Slade Princeton and Jagger Princeton put on him to win. Chazz unveils new "Armed Dragon" cards which prove to be more effective against Jaden than his previous Decks had been.[33] Jaden is surprised to discover that Chazz has gained a Spirit Partner in Ojama Yellow and that Chazz can see Duel Spirits as well. Jaden won using a strategy involving "Hero Kid." Chazz's brothers berate him after the Duel, and Jaden steps in to defend him. Chazz decided to remain at Duel Academy afterward.[34]

Against the Shadow Riders[]

The Slifer Red dorm head and alchemy professor, Lyman Banner, held a hike and picnic to the ruins that exist on the island. Jaden, Syrus, Chumley and Alexis attended. While there, they appear to be transported to the past, to a time when the ruins were still in use. Jaden's friends were captured, but Jaden himself is saved by Yasmin. He eventually ends up in a Duel against Gravekeeper's Chief, in which he and his friends will be buried alive if he loses. He found that the pain he experiences from losing Life Points to be real.[35] Jaden narrowly defeated the Chief by using the effect of his "Elemental Hero Necroshade" to Summon "Elemental Hero Bladedge". The Chief gifted Jaden with one half of a Shadow Charm pendent after the Duel, stating that it should help protect him in any further Shadow Duels he may participate in. The group is returned to their own time.[36]

Chancellor Sheppard selected Jaden as one of the seven Duelists to hold the Spirit Keys. These keys unseal the Spirit Gates, behind which the Sacred Beast cards are sealed. The legend goes that if the cards are released, a catastrophe will occur. A group of individuals known as the Shadow Riders will arrive and attempt to steal the keys. Jaden believed he will be targeted first, believing himself to be the strongest target. Alexis also believed Jaden will be first, as his Slifer Red uniform marks him as a weaker Duelist. In attempting to warn Jaden of this, she is transported to the volcano with Jaden, where the first Shadow Rider, Nightshroud, awaits. As it turns out, he targeted Jaden for neither of the previously given reasons - he did so because he owns the other half of the Shadow Charm pendent, which pointed him in Jaden's direction. Syrus and Chumley are taken hostage, so Jaden accepted the Shadow Duel, in which the loser's soul will be sealed in a card. Nightshroud gained an early advantage by combining "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and "Inferno Fire Blast".[27] Jaden made a comeback, but Nightshroud unveils "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon". Jaden narrowly avoided defeat by Summoning "Elemental Hero Wildedge". Nightshroud's soul was sealed in the card, but he remains barely conscious, as Nightshroud was controlling someone else - the brother of Alexis, Atticus Rhodes.[37]

Left weak from his Duel with Nightshroud, Jaden watched from the sidelines as Dr. Crowler is defeated by the second Shadow Rider, the vampire known as Camula, having his soul sealed in a doll in the process.[38] He then also witnessed Zane who meets the same fate when Camula threatens Syrus' soul.[39] Enraged by the fall of his friends, Jaden challenged Camula after Atticus informed him that his complete Shadow Charm may be able to negate the power of Camula's and prevent souls from being stolen during the Duel. This turned out to be true, as Camula is forced to use her own soul as a cost in the activation of "Illusion Gate," rather than a spectator's as she had against Zane. Jaden was able to defeat her with "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman," who gains ATK for each fallen "Elemental Hero" in the Graveyard. With this, Camula's soul was taken by "Illusion Gate" and the souls of Crowler and Zane were restored.[40]

Jaden began having nightmares regarding losing Shadow Duels, knowing that great harm could come to his friends. While trying to relax at the hot springs, he, Syrus, Chumley and Chazz are pulled through a portal to an underground cave. They are confronted by Kaibaman, causing Jaden to question if the latter is a Shadow Rider. He refused to answer, instead wishing to Duel, stating that Jaden seemed to have lost his fighting spirit. Kaibaman used the same Deck as Seto Kaiba, and Jaden is ultimately defeated. However, he realized that he still had fun during the Duel and Kaibaman taught him that if he is scared of defeat, he will cease to grow as a Duelist.[41]. When Slade challenges Chazz to a duel for the fate of Duel Academy, Jaden accompanies Chazz to the Reject Well to find monsters with less than 500 attack points. They find Ojama Black and Ojama Green who end up in Chazz's deck. Chazz uses his new monsters to defeat Slade and save Duel Academy[42].Jaden is present when Bastion is defeated by the third Shadow Rider, Tania, who takes him as her "husband" afterwards.[5] Jaden overcame her "Amazoness" monsters using "Wildheart" and the effect of her own Field Spell Card, "Amazoness Arena".[43] Jaden ends up mistaking a submarine captain named Admiral for the next Shadow Rider and though Jaden defeats him, Admiral kidnapped him, hoping to make him the top student at his planned underwater Duel Academy. Jaden stole an escape boat in order to get away, but did not make it back to Duel Academy until three days later.[44]

Jaden's next opponent was Abidos the Third, an ancient pharaoh revived by the Shadow Riders who was once known as the "God of Duels." Jaden defeated him with fewer problems than expected, and Abidos realized that his servants had always let him win. Abidos is impressed by Jaden's Dueling and returns to the afterlife, with Jaden promising to meet him there when he dies so that they can Duel again.[45] Alexis and Chazz successfully defeated Shadow Riders Titan and Don Zaloog, respectively.[46][47] After that, only one Shadow Rider remaining. During this time, Professor Banner disappeared, and both Chazz and Alexis are defeated by the final Shadow Rider. Jaden confronts him in the basement of the Abandoned Dorm. He eventually revealed himself as Professor Banner. He stated that Jaden must prove himself as the "ultimate alchemist", comparing Jaden's process of using "Polymerization" to fuse monsters to be similar to alchemic processes.[48] Banner explained that he came down with an illness after traveling the world in the name of alchemy, and was forced to entrust his soul to a homunculus in order to survive. Wishing to pay back the one who funded his research, he aimed to obtain the Sacred Beasts. Banner is eventually defeated when Jaden countered the latter's removed from play strategy with "Elemental Hero Electrum." Banner left his Emerald Tablet Shadow Charm to Jaden, warning him of the impending disaster that the Sacred Beasts will bring about.[49]

After Chazz loses to Alexis in a duel, Jaden witnessed the Spirit Gates open, without the aid of the Spirit Keys, which Chazz currently had. The keys led them to the gates, at which point the keys disappeared into the seven pillars surrounding the area. The ground quaked, and a black box rose from the center of the gates, inside of which was a smaller, box that contains the Sacred Beasts. The true mastermind of the ploy revealed himself - Kagemaru, the elderly Chairman of Duel Academy. He intends to use the powers of the Beasts to restore his own youth. He specifically challenged Jaden to a Duel in favor of rest of the gathered students and teachers. Jaden found "Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone" inside the Emerald Tablet, and places it in his Deck. From within a life support tube supported by a spider-walker, Kagemaru Duels Jaden. Kagemaru Summoned "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" and "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder," which drove Jaden into a corner. With two Beasts present, they began to absorb energy from card spirits around the world, which was then used to restore Kagemaru's youth. He appears a young man once more, and continued the Duel.[50] Using a series of Spell and Trap Cards, Jaden destroyed both of the Beasts with "Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman." Kagemaru was able to revive them, however, and further Summoned the third Beast - "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms." Jaden used the "Sabatiel the philosopher's stone" card to his advantage, and was able to pentuple the ATK of "Electrum" to win the Duel. The power absorbed is returned to the Duel Spirits, and Kagemaru became elderly once more. He begged for forgiveness, and Jaden easily gave it to him, while motivating him to try to stand on his own. Jaden proceeded to accidentally injure the old man with a hug.[51]

Jaden was present at Chumley's Duel with Dr. Crowler, and supported his friend before he departed to become a card designer for Industrial Illusions.[52] Jaden is then chosen by Zane to be the latter's final opponent before his graduation, in a match that the whole school will attend. Jaden accepted the Duel. Knowing that Zane was a powerful opponent who defeated him before, Jaden attempted to think his way through the Duel, which backfired as he misplayed his cards and failed to enjoy himself as he usually would.. Zane gains an advantage by constantly fusing and splitting his "Cyber End Dragon".[53] Zane snapped Jaden out of his rut, and the latter began to Duel with his heart once more, rather than his head. In this way, Jaden became the opponent that Zane had wanted him to be. Both Duelists were able to counter the strategies of the other, and Duel ultimately ended in a DRAW as the crowd applauded the spectacle.[54]

Society of Light[]

Ep 53

Jaden Dueling Aster for the first time.

Jaden has begun his second year at Duel Academy. Unaware of new student Aster Phoenix's status as a pro, Jaden Duels him, eager to teach a new student about Dueling. During the Duel, Ms. Dorothy reveals that Aster constructed the Deck out of eight packs of cards he purchased that morning. Jaden attempts to give him advice, which Aster pretends to take. Aster is not impressed by Jaden, and leaves after being defeated. Later, after the Duel, Syrus Truesdale realizes who Aster really was, and Jaden is eager to have a rematch with Aster when the latter is using his true Deck. The next day he, Syrus and Alexis watch Chazz duel Reginald Van Howell III where he learns that Crowler made Chazz the star to increase publicity much to his confusion. Chazz gives a speech about no matter the rank he will still win causing Jaden to feel impressed by his change in character. After Chazz wins Jaden rushes up to his rival and thanks him for defending the Slivers even though Chazz argued that it was not his intention to do so. Jaden then learns from Syrus that Bonaparte and Crowler plan to remove the Slifer dorm.

A few days later, Syrus and Jaden are walking through the woods. The duo got caught sleeping in class, so Crowler is making them deliver 14 new Duel Disks to students who had lost theirs. Jaden wonders why so many people were losing their Disks, and Syrus explains it's because of a bully that is challenging them to Duels and then taking them. Syrus had lost to this bully as well, so Jaden decides it's time to confront this guy and get the disks back. They run to river, and standing on the bridge is the bully,Tyranno Hassleberry, the same Ra Yellow student that was picking on Crowler and Bonaparte when he arrived at the school. He tries to intimidate Jaden with his strength, but Jaden just shrugs it off and challenges him to a Duel. Hassleberry also has a bunch of other Ra Yellows who support him like an army troop. They and Syrus watch the Duel, and Jaden states that if he wins, Hassleberry has to give all the Duel Disks he stole back. Although Hassleberry fights admirably, he still loses to Jaden's combo of fusing "Elemental Hero Avian" and "Elemental Hero Wildheart" with "Polymerization" to Fusion Summon "Elemental Hero Wild Wingman" and in the end, using "De-Fusion" to separate them back. After the Duel, Hassleberry agrees to give back the Duel Disks. Later that night, Hassleberry moves to the Slifer dorm, having decided to live in the dorm because he feels that he could learn a lot about Dueling from Jaden. Jaden later encourages Syrus to have more faith in himself as a duelist when the latter is chosen by Jean-Louis Bonaparte to duel Missy. The Vice Chancellor says if Syrus wins than he will be moved up Ra Yellow. Syrus eventually wins and gives Jaden Power Bond.

Sometime later, Jaden has just recently finished a Duel with Bastion Misawa in the Duel Arena, using "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman" to destroy "Water Dragon" to get the win. That night, the group gathers inside the Slifer Red dorm to watch Zane Truesdale's next Pro League match. Finding out that Zane's opponent will be Aster Phoenix, Jaden is eager to see what Aster's actual Deck consists of. To everyone's surprise including Zane's, Aster reveals that his Deck has an "Elemental Hero" theme, similar to Jaden's. However, when Aster fuses Elemental Heroes "Avian" and "Burstinatrix", he does not Fusion Summon "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman", but "Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer". To his friends' amazement, Jaden was unaware that this Fusion Monster even existed. Aster counters nearly every move Zane makes and even causes him to take damage from "Power Bond". The Duel ultimately ends with Aster the winner, much to the shock of all of Duel Academy.

Aster Phoenix holds a press conference after his defeat of Zane Truesdale in the Pro League. He issues a challenge to Jaden Yuki, knowing that both of them play "Elemental Heroes". He states he'll be coming to Duel Academy tomorrow. Aster meets with his manager, Sartorius. Aster doesn't seem to have any real interest in Dueling Jaden, but is doing so once more on Sartorius' advice. Aster arrives that night by skysurfing. Aster thwarts the escape of a man who was robbing Duel Academy's card shop. He appears to be looking for a certain card and when he does not find it, he tosses the man's cards causally on the ground. The Duel begins and Aster Summons "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" while Jaden Summons " Shining Flare Wingman". Aster uses a strange Field Spell Card called "Clock Tower Prison", which appears to turn its hands each turn and do nothing else. Aster plays "D - Time" and Special Summons "Destiny Hero - Doom Lord", a monster that no one in the crowd is familiar with. Its effect removes "Shining Flare Wingman" from play.

Aster unveils his "Destiny Heroes" and Jaden's "Elemental Heroes" can't seem to compete. Despite the "Destiny Heroes" relatively low attack points, their effects push Jaden into a corner, as Aster uses "Misfortune" to deal damage while continuing to place Clock Counters on "Clock Tower Prison". On the turn that the fourth Clock Counter is placed, Jaden would be able to deal enough damage to win. However, "Clock Tower Prison" renders Aster immune to damage when it has enough Counters. Jaden plays "Fusion Gate" and because "Clock Tower Prison" was destroyed, Aster can Summon his ultimate monster - "Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster", whose ATK are equal to the sum of the attack points of the other "Destiny Heroes" on the Field.

Jaden beaten by Aster

Jaden passed out after being defeated by Aster.

Aster explains his past. His father was a card designer for Industrial Illusions, who designed the "Destiny Heroes" himself. One day, Aster came home to find his father dead (kidnapped in the dub). The person who did it also took one of the "Destiny Hero" cards, which was known to be the most powerful among them. Aster's vigilante activity is centered around stopping crime to find the person who took his father from him, as he would be able to identify them by their possession of the stolen card. His "Dreadmaster" negates the effect of Jaden's "Elemental Hero Thunder Giant" and wins Aster the Duel with its attack. Jaden falls to the ground, his cards flying about, and they turn blank as he falls.

After Jaden Yuki's loss to Aster Phoenix, he claims he can't see his cards and they're blank. However, this appears to be how Jaden sees his Deck as everyone else sees nothing wrong with his cards. Everyone, Syrus Truesdale the most, is worried about it. Jaden ultimately decided to leave Duel Academy.

Later, Jaden Yuki is stranded in a boat when a comet hits. Afterwards, he is transported into Neo Space, a Duel Monsters Spirit World that represents and protects the delicate balance between Light and Darkness. Within this Limbo, Jaden ends up on a planet called Dolphina (which apparently is an uncharted planet neighboring Jupiter), where he is greeted by a dolphin-like creature named "Aquos" (who is later revealed to be the spirit of "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin"), who explains that "the Gentle Darkness" is in danger of being obliterated by a mysterious "Dark Light", and only Jaden Yuki is able to fight off this entity and save the universe.


Jaden Dueling the robot with Aquos watching.

Just then, an unusual Duel Robot sent by this "Dark Light" arrives, and Jaden must defeat it in a Duel, using cards salvaged from a satellite. Jaden's was in shocked when he can see the cards he was holding but was more shocked when he discovers that the cards were contained within a KaibaCorp satellite, which was carrying cards he'd designed for a global contest held by Seto Kaiba a few years ago. Seeing this and due to his suppressed memories from his medical treatment he went through as a child, Jaden figures out and realizes that he was the winner of the contest.

After winning the Duel, Jaden rediscovers his love for Dueling and regains his resolve, and then sets out to return to Duel Academy and stop this mysterious "Light", however while Jaden finds himself back on Duel Academy, he finds that he is in a forest that is far from where the school building actually is. As his friends deal with the problems around them, Jaden is still trying to find his way back to the Duel Academy building. He complains that he is hungry and wants some curry right now. The rivalry between Syrus Truesdale and Tyranno Hassleberry intensifies, even with Jaden absent. At the suggestion of Alexis Rhodes, the two decide to Duel to decide who Jaden's true "best friend" ("aniki" or "little brother" in the Japanese version). Jaden himself is close to getting back, and is climbing the cliff face on the opposite end of the island. Sometime later, Syrus and Hassleberry are eating in the Slifer Red dorm, and the dinner is Jaden Yuki's favorite - fried shrimp. They eat the shrimp that was intended for Jaden, as he isn't there, and hope that wherever he is, he's not starving. Jaden is still wandering through the forest at the point, and comments that he suddenly tastes fried shrimp, which only makes him hungrier. Wheeler the monkey is also in the forest, pushing a large cart of discarded furniture. He finds Jaden, who has collapsed from hunger. He wakes him up, and Jaden hallucinates that the cart of furniture is really "Ancient Gear Golem". Jaden then has a flashback to his Duel with Dr. Crowler in episode 1.

After that, Jaden sees Wheeler hitting his cart with his fist, and imagines that he's Bastion Misawa, thus having a flashback to his Duel with him in episode 22. After this, he imagines that Wheeler is actually Chazz Princeton and has flashbacks to their Duel in episode episode 4. After this, he proceeds to imagine that the monkey is Zane Truesdale and flashes back to episode 8. After that's over, Wheeler throws a bucket of water at Jaden, and this finally wakes him up fully. He also gives him a bunch of bananas to eat. Jaden thanks him, and heads off to continue his trip back to Duel Academy. However, he ends up going the wrong way, this despite the fact that Duel Academy is visible through the trees in the direction he doesn't take. There is also a sign in that direction pointing towards Duel Academy. Jaden's stupidity actually causes the inanimate roadsign to sweat drop and face fault.

A few days later, Alexis Rhodes is set to Duel Aster Phoenix. The fate of the Slifer Red dorm hangs in the balance. If Aster wins, then it will be demolished. If Alexis wins the dorm remains. Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte is confident that Aster will win, being Pro League Duelist. Jaden finally makes it back to Duel Academy and is lead by a light into a cave. He meets another "Neo-Spacian" there, and then hurries to the Academy. He takes Alexis' place in the Duel, and his rematch with Aster begins. Aster uses his "Destiny Heroes" again, and Jaden unveils Contact Fusion, which the "Neo-Spacians" can use to fuse with "Elemental Hero Neos" without "Polymerization". However, even he was unaware that this results in the Fusion Monster returning to the Fusion Deck at the End Phase, and is reduced to 200 Life Points via direct attacks as a result. Aster is confident he will win since Jaden has no clue on how to use his new cards, but Jaden refuses to give up and notes to himself, he still has a lot to learn about his new Deck as "Elemental Hero Aqua Neos" went back to his Fusion Deck on the End Phase without his knowledge. The two Duelists continually counter the moves of the other, revealing more and more of their new Decks. Aster soon gets out "Destiny Hero - Dogma". Jaden saves himself from an attack that would end the Duel, but now both players are down to a few Life Points. Jaden is still confident he can continue, but Aster doesn't believe so, claiming there is no monster in Jaden's Deck that can help him. Jaden states that may have been the case with his old Deck, but it won't be with his new one. He decides to prove so by showing Aster a brand new hero in his Deck. Jaden then plays "Neo Space", which lets his "Neos" Fusion Monsters remain on the field past the End Phase, and Summons "Elemental Hero Flare Neos". Jaden attacks, but Aster quickly plays "D - Shield" to save himself. Aster then proceeds to switch his "Dogma" into Attack Position and equip it with "Heavy Storm Blade". Aster attacks which surprises everyone, however doing so activates the effect of "Heavy Storm Blade", destroying every Spell and Trap on the field besides "Heavy Storm Blade". This weakens "Flare Neos" and "Dogma" then attacks it. However the attack doesn't go through and soon enough "Heavy Storm Blade" begins to crack (which shocks Aster). Jaden reveals that the set card Aster destroyed with "Heavy Storm Blade" was "Spell Calling" which allowed Jaden to set two face-down cards after it was destroyed. As such the attack backfires on Aster, destroying "Dogma" and winning Jaden the Duel. Due to Jaden's victory, the Slifer Red Dorm remains safe. Aster congratulates Jaden for his victory and Jaden states he won't count their first Duel as official to make things even for both of them, but Aster doesn't mind and leaves. Later Jaden and his friends watch Crowler duel Bonaparte to save the Slifer Red dorm. Though he gets worried about Bonaparte's skills, Crowler comes out the victor thus keeping the dorm safe. He then tells Crowler that maybe he may like his students, causing Crowler to deny it.

A few days after Jaden's defeat of Aster Phoenix, Jasmine, and Mindy come to see Alexis. They tell her, Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry about Chazz and the trouble he is causing at the dorm. When they get there, the entire dorm is painted white to represent the Society of Light. Chazz is standing at the front steps, along with the other Obelisks that he turned into members by beating them in a Duel. Atticus is there and he warns them about how Chazz has become a stronger Duelist since he joined the Society. Chazz explains that the Society is run by Sartorius, who Jaden remembered to be Aster Phoenix’s manager. Chazz says that Sartorius is more than that; Sartorius can help people see the light and that soon the whole world will see. Jaden cluelessly believes that they were exposed to lots of white paint fumes which causes Chazz and his groupees to react in shock and embarrassment. He angrily states that they are the crazy ones. Jaden wanted to challenge Chazz, but Alexis decides to do it because she feels it is right that she defend the Obelisks. Chazz and Alexis get ready to Duel in the arena, along with Jaden and the others and the new members of the Society. Chazz devastates Alexis with his new combos and ultimately wins the Duel. Alexis collapses to the ground and her friends run to her side to see if she is alright. She simply gets back up and says that she has seen the light. Chazz says that soon, everyone will, and become members of the Society of Light.

Later, Chazz chooses Lorenzo, the former world champion of the "Shooting Game" to Duel Jaden. Alexis lures Jaden to a planetarium in the white dorm causing Jaden to think that they are going on a date. Once he arrives the Duel takes place. Lorenzo plays a Boss Rush Deck and overpowers Jaden in the early stages of the Duel. He later reveals that Sartorius offered to make Lorenzo a Pro League Duelist if he could defeat Jaden. Ultimately however, he loses.

A few days later, Jaden Yuki is forced into a Duel against Professional Duelist and Society of Light member Howard X Miller, who the English version calls Sartorius' lawyer. X plays a Mill Deck, and his strategy revolves around destroying his opponent's Deck and causing them to lose when they can't draw a card. Jaden ultimately thwarts X's strategy using "Neo-Spacian Glow Moss" and ironically wins the Duel when X himself can't draw a card.

Sartorius, Aster's manager, challenges Hassleberry to a Duel, while promising to set Chazz back to normal should Hassleberry win. The Duel goes quite evenly, with both players being reduced to only a few hundred Life Points in a few turns. Sartorius wins by using "Reversal of Fate" to change the effects of his "Arcana Force" monsters. Despite his loss, Hassleberry is not converted to the Society of Light, much to Sartorius' shock. Hassleberry explains that in the past, he had excavated some Dinosaur fossils. His leg had been injured, and so the bone had been replaced by the fossilized Dinosaur bone he had uncovered. He claims that this "Dinosaur DNA" is what grants him immunity to the powers of Sartorius. A few days later, its revealed that Sartorius has officially enrolled at Duel Academy as a student much to Jaden's concern.

Duel Academy organizes a field trip sometime after Sartorius' enrollment at the academy. Dr. Crowler and Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte about where they will take the students. Sartorius and the large contingent of Obelisk Blue students that Chazz Princeton converted to the Society of Light enter the room. Sartorius wants to pick where they go, and he has most of the student population backing up his choice. Jaden enters the office while accompanied by Hassleberry, Bastion and Syrus. Jaden states he also has a place to recommend for the school trip, but the Society members order him to get lost until he is smart enough to join them. Jaden states he has equal chance of choosing as he is currently the #1 student in the school. It's determined that Jaden will Duel a Society member, with the winner being permitted to choose the trip destination (Sartorius also mentions if Jaden loses then he has to promise to join the Society of Light). Sartorius chooses Princess Rose to represent the Society of Light. She claims she can see Duel Spirits and that hers are three frog princes, referencing well-known fairy tales. Jaden ultimately wins the Duel, and announces that the field trip will be to Domino City, the site of the Battle City tournament.

Duel Academy's students arrive at Domino City for their field trip. Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry purchase guidebooks to visit the city's landmarks. They visit the pier where Yugi Muto Dueled Joey Wheeler, while the latter was controlled by Marik Ishtar's Millennium Rod. They later arrive at Solomon Muto's Kame Game shop. They introduce themselves to Solomon, and upon explaining that they are from Duel Academy, he allows them to come inside, explaining that Yugi is probably off on another journey (in the dub, he says that Yugi "went to the market to get some olives three years ago"). He offers to be their tour guide for the rest of the day, and he takes them to the sites where Yugi Dueled Seeker and Strings. He lags behind as they continue to their next destination, and is kidnapped. Jaden locates Solomon and also meets up with Aster. Seeing the hologram of Hassleberry's "Dark Tyranno" on top of a building, they determine that he and Syrus must be there. Frost then finds Jaden, and wishes to take him to see Sarina, who Aster recognizes as Sartorius' younger sister.

Jaden arrives at the hotel where the Obelisk Blue/Society of Light students are staying, and is kicked out, along with Atticus. The Slifer Red students are forced to stay at an outdoor camp, and are only supplied food when Solomon brings them some. Blaze and T-Bone, two more of Sarina's enforcers, end up in the same camp as Jaden, though they don't realize who he is. They appear to get along just fine, and Jaden shares the food with them. They reveal that they themselves had once tried to enter Duel Academy, but failed the entrance exam. Despite this, they challenge Jaden to a Duel, still not aware who he is. T-Bone and Jaden are about to start their Duel when Sarina absorbs the soul of Blaze into one of her mirror cards while still back in her hideout. She tells T-Bone not to fail her, and forcibly places the "Monarch" cards of Blaze, Frost and Thunder into T-Bone's Deck. T-Bone uses the combined power of the "Monarchs" to Summon "Demiurge Ema", but ultimately loses when Jaden powers up "Elemental Hero Neos" using several Spell Cards. Sarina seals T-Bone's soul in a mirror as well, and reveals she's locked Syrus and Hassleberry in virtual pods. She states she'll be waiting at Kaiba Land for Jaden and Aster Phoenix.

After making their way to Kaiba Land and the Virtual World Facility within, Jaden and Aster are suddenly transported onto a digital plane, where they are reunited with Hassleberry (who has taken the form of a bandanna-wearing dinosaur) and Syrus (in the form of a "Vehicroid" resembling a Volkswagen Beetle), and also discover that the members of the Light Brigade are trapped here. Then, Sarina appears, explaining that she is acting under the orders of her brother, Sartorius, who wishes to discover the identity of the destined Duelist who is to be his final opponent, and Sarina is to Duel either Jaden or Aster to find the answer, but if Sarina's opponent loses, he must join Sartorius and the Society of Light. Jaden accepts the challenge, but convinces Sarina into a Tag-Team Duel. Sarina agrees, and splits herself in two for the face-off against Jaden and Aster. Aster is reluctant to accept, but decides that he must win to learn the truth about the death ("disappearance" in the English dub) of his father and the fate of an "Ultimate Destiny Hero" monster.

The Sarinas take an early advantage in the Duel, due to the fact that Aster refuses to cooperate with Jaden, while Jaden's moves are more about luck than strategy. Furthermore, the full moon behind Sarina's "Full Moon Mirror" seems to wane into a new moon with every monster that is destroyed, and once "Full Moon Mirror" gains its tenth Full Moon Counter, Sarina declares that the true test has now begun.

Sarina vs jaden

Jaden and Aster vs Sarina.

Sarina 1 unveils her strongest monster: By Tributing "Magic Mirror Spirit Asogi" and "Magic Mirror Spirit Nayuta" she Summons "Dark Creator" to the field and multiplies her monster tenfold, thanks to a Field Spell Card called "Infinite Fiend Mirror". After stating that only the Chosen Duelist can destroy her army of "Dark Creator" monsters, she attacks, but Jaden and Aster barely manage to survive her onslaught, because of Aster's "Elemental Recharge". However, as Sarina ends her turn without a direct attack, Jaden comes to realize that "Dark Creator" and the "Dark Creator Tokens" that were recently summoned cannot attack directly. Even though Aster manages to launch a counterattack with "Destiny Hero - Dasher", Sarina's "Dark Creator" has another surprise: it cannot be destroyed by battle. However, Jaden is able to use the effect of "Dasher" in the Graveyard to Special Summon his newest "Neo-Spacian" monster, "Dark Panther", and use it in a combo that brings out "Elemental Hero Dark Neos". "Dark Neos" is able to negate the effects of "Dark Creator", which, after "Dark Creator" is destroyed, undoes the effects of "Infinite Fiend Mirror". After the Duel, Sarina urges Jaden and Aster to save her brother from the control of the light.

When Jaden and his friends return to Duel Academy they find a girl named Alice who claims to be a transfer student. She helps the Slifers clean there room and makes them food, causing Hassleberry to fall in love with her. However, later that night Hassleberry disappears. Jaden goes to investigate and discovers Bastion unconscious under a tree in the forest. Bastion has no memory of how he got there, claiming he "must have blacked out" (It is indicated that Alice also kidnapped him). Together they find Hassleberry, and Alice appears (Cut from the dub is the scene of Alice walking on water). They learn that Alice has kidnapped Hassleberry, dragged him into a Duel (in the original Japanese version) and is using him as hostage to challenge other Duelists. She claims she posed as a transfer student of Slifer Red in order to seek out victims to plunge into darkness (In the dub, when asked by Jaden who she really is, she claims that she is "a disposable soul, just like everyone.")

She continues to issue several macabre statements until asked by Jaden why she's doing all this. She replies that all Duelists unleash despair on the world, and that she's here to change that. Alice justifies that all happiness is an illusion; and thus, she's here to erase that false happiness. In the Japanese version, Alice wants to crush all the light of hope from Duelists. She challenges Jaden to a "Duel of Despair," in which he replies it will be a "Duel of Hope".

At the beginning of the Duel, Alice displays a chilling sense of purpose, sacrificing her cards and Life Points without any hesitation so she can Summon her "Doll Chimera". As the Duel progresses, however, Alice's anger and bitterness slowly fades away to Jaden's cheery personality and the honesty of his happiness when he Duels. She starts to realize Dueling is actually fun. Jaden wins the duel causing Alice to turn back into a doll. She thanks Jaden for setting her free and disappears.

The following day, a Society of Light member, Bob Banter (who is in love Alexis Rhodes) Duels Jaden Yuki to prove himself worthy to be Alexis' boyfriend. Alexis only accepts under one condition. If Jaden loses, he will be reported for spying on her. Initially Chazz believes that Jaden will most certainly lose since some of Bob's cards involve the player to use their head, however this proves to be wrong as some of the challenges are physical challenges. Close to the end of the Duel, Bob activates "Quiz Panel - Obelisk 30" and Jaden recognizes the card. Bob realizes that was the card he dropped in front of Jaden earlier. Although Jaden at this point knew the entire answer to the question of the card, he ultimately chooses not to answer it completely because he considered it unfair for Bob and that since he knew the answer, it wouldn't be a challenge for him at all. In the end, Jaden wins the Duel after using a gamble of his own: "Secret Mission".

Later Jaden, Hassleberry and Syrus are shown trying to get Aster's steak, but are unsuccessful. Bastion later tells them how he feels weak as a duelist causing Jaden to tell him that he is still good and should not let the Society of Light bring him down. The following night he, Sryus and Hassleberry are about to have a campfire before Aster tells them about how Bastion went to the white dorm to duel Sartorius. When Jaden asks Aster if Bastion has a chance of defeating Sartorius, Aster replies that he does not. Aster states that even if Bastion could somehow win against Sartorius that he still wouldn't win, since although Bastion is a strong Duelist and wants to become stronger, Bastion also wants the people around him and his friends to recognize him. Jaden and his friends run off, and Aster soon appears after Bastion loses to Chazz, he confirms that Bastion let Chazz win and admits that Bastion's intellect would have been a tough opponent for Sartorius, but unfortunately Sartorius was still able to overcome him by preying on Bastion's newly developed anxiety. Later Jaden tries to cheer Syrus up when he gets worried about Zane's ruthless style of dueling.

When Chancellor Sheppard returns and announces the Genex Tournament, Jaden is excited and Syrus thinks that with any luck, Jaden will Duel many professionals. Sheppard specifies that the entire island will be the Duel arena and that each participant will receive one Genex Medallion. Participants must Duel at least once per day and are not permitted to decline the first person who challenges them each day. The winner will obtain all Genex Medallions owned by the loser. The final two medallion-holders will compete in the final match. Sheppard announces that the best veteran Duelists that he met in his travels will be arriving here shortly. He urges all of the students to do their best as he wishes the first Genex Champion to be from Duel Academy. He says there's a very special prize planned for the winner. Jaden leaps up, yelling for them to leave all the winning to him. Syrus comments that past history suggests the prize may be a kiss from Ms. Dorothy. Jaden looks around and Dorothy winks at him.

After Sheppard dismisses them, the students discuss the new development. Syrus says he heard a rumor that the number of medallions one collects will affect your grade, with Aster saying he doesn't care about that. Hassleberry muses that its all about survival. Jaden says he's fired up and asks if anyone wants to Duel now. Aster walks off, saying he'll watch to see how things develop for now. Jaden asks if he's trying to be a downer and turns to Hassleberry for a Duel. Hassleberry points out that he if he loses his first medallion, he'll be eliminated right away, then turns to Syrus and says he wants to take out the weakest competitor first anyway. Syrus turns to find himself surrounded by most of the school, who all see him as the weakest Duelist there. Syrus runs away and everyone present except Jaden give chase. Jaden wonders when the rest of the worldwide Duelists are getting here.

Later, Jaden is fishing at the harbor. He yawns, saying he's bored. He wonders if any outside Duelists have arrived yet, but hasn't seen any boats. Syrus and Hassleberry run up to him and Jaden asks why they look so happy. Syrus says he knew running away wasn't going to do any good, so he started by defeating a freshman red student and Hassleberry says he did the same with a second-year yellow. They both proudly show their newly-won Genex Medallions. Syrus asks why Hassleberry has to be such a show-off and the latter responds by asking if he wants to Duel now to settle it. Syrus declines, saying it's only the first challenge he's obligated to take, claiming he's tired. Hassleberry asks how many students Jaden defeated, who responds by saying none, since he was hoping to have his first opponent to be someone from outside Duel Academy. Syrus wonders if they're really coming. They hear a noise overhead as Prince Ojin's plane comes into view. It lands on top of the warehouse. The three rush to meet it. Hassleberry muses that he must be pretty important to arrive in such a large plane. Syrus sees the insignia on the side of the plane, saying it's the royal crest of the Misgarth Kingdom.

Jaden asks what that is and Syrus asks if Jaden never watches the news. Syrus says it's a small, isolated country, but they've launched SORA, a laser satellite that could burn the world down. He says he did hear that their first prince is a big fan of Duel Monsters though. He had announced on TV that he had passed his test to become a professional Duelist. Jaden says that now he know who his first opponent is. Jaden runs towards the plane, where Ojin is about to descend from with three bodyguards and Linda. Ojin tells his bodyguards to relax - the kid appears to be a challenger. Jaden is about to challenge Ojin when Sartorius appears, zapping Jaden with energy by touching his shoulder. Sartorius offers Jaden his apologies and says that Ojin's existence is unrelated to his destiny, as Chazz and Alexis arrives behind him. Sartorius declares that because of that, he will be Ojin's opponent. Jaden asks who decided that and Sartorius responds that the heavens did. Jaden asks him to hold on and Sartorius approaches Ojin, asking for a Duel. Jaden points out that he was the one who found him first and asks to Duel instead. Ojin asks which one of them is connected to the "D" cards. Jaden asks if he means the "Destiny Heroes" and Sartorius says that that would be him. Ojin concludes that Sartorius will be his opponent then. Sartorius says he is delighted and grateful. Jaden asks how Sartorius is linked to the "Destiny Heroes", insisting that that would be Aster. Sartorius wins easily without even using one turn and he obtains the controls to Misgarth's satellite. Jaden wonders what kind of Duels are in store for the rest of the tournament.

Pegasus in GX

Jaden meets Pegasus for the first time.


Jaden faces off against the Egyptian God "The Winged Dragon of Ra."

The Genex Tournament is in full swing, but Jaden and his friends are in a slump—especially Jaden, since no challengers have approached him for a Duel. Meanwhile, Maximillion Pegasus and Chumley Huffington have arrived at Duel Academy from Industrial Illusions, searching for a stolen copy of the strongest Egyptian God Card, "The Winged Dragon of Ra". It is later discovered that a man named Franz has stolen the card, and then sneaked his way into the Genex Tournament. When Franz finds them, he challenges Pegasus to a Duel, stating that the winner will claim the stolen card. However, it's Jaden who ends up Dueling Franz, and must ultimately find a way to free "Ra" from a confining Field Spell that forces Ra to use its powers against its will. Following Franz's defeat, Pegasus explains to him that everyone can learn a lot from defeats and mistakes, while revealing the spot where his Millennium Eye once rested (before being stolen by Yami Bakura). When Pegasus offers Franz back his position in Industrial Illusions, Franz readily accepts, and returns to Industrial Illusions with Pegasus and Chumley.

Later, Jaden Duels Orlando as part of the Genex Tournament. Orlando is a Kabuki stage actor and Professional Cosplay Duelist. Jaden defeats Orlando and reminds him Dueling is more about fun than it is about performing.

One day, Chazz Princeton defeats Gelgo, a Professional Duelist and wins his numerous Genex Medallions using his "White Knight" Deck. He challenges Jaden to a Duel, to take place the next day. Jaden asks why Chazz isn't using his "Ojama" cards, and Chazz responds that he has no idea what Jaden is talking about, but then says he vaguely recalls throwing out cards like that the the other day and thinks they landed in the ocean. Jaden goes to the ocean by the shore, trying to find Chazz's "Ojama" cards. Later, Jaden is rebuilding his Deck for his Duel with Chazz and the spirit of Lyman Banner contacts him. After questioning where he came from, Banner reveals that as his spirit attempted to pass on the afterlife, it was eaten by Pharaoh. He says he can't sleep because he is hearing a strange voice. His spirit leads Jaden to the well where Chazz had originally found "Ojama Black" and "Ojama Green". The three "Ojama" cards are there. They all beg Jaden to save them from the crabs that are attempting to cut them.

The Ojama Trio asks if Jaden can help Chazz; and feel that if they returned to him at this point, he would just throw them away again. Jaden offers to put the Trio in his Deck for his Duel with Chazz, which they accept, being excited about being able to fight beside Heroes. The next, day, Chazz and Jaden meet outside the main entrance to Duel Academy's main building, with Jaden bringing Chazz's old black uniform along with him. Chazz reaffirms his devotion to the Society of Light, but mentally feels strange at seeing the jacket, as some of his former memories return to him. Chazz dominates the early stages of the Duel, and Jaden is reduced to 400 Life Points. Eventually Jaden uses an "Ojama" combo to defeat him and reminds Chazz that he only listens to himself and ultimately removes him from the control of the Society of Light.

A while later, Jaden is challenged to a Duel by Lucien Grimley from North Academy, who is revealed to be able to use the power of "The Grim Reaper" to win his Duels, in exchange for his soul. During the Duel, Jaden manages to survive Lucien's One Turn Kill strategy, as Lucien's ace card, "Slash Draw", can destroy all of Jaden's cards and damage Jaden for every card he controls. Jaden later discovers that Lucien had lost faith in his Decklong ago and sold his soul to "The Grim Reaper", if the monster spirit helped Lucien win all his Duels. After the two battle through Lucien soon sees that he had always loved his Deck and seeing Jaden's faith in his Deck he throws the Grim Reaper card to fight on his own. He switches his arm to avoid using the power of the Grim Reaper. In the end, Lucien loses the Duel, but not before regaining faith in himself, which results in him breaking his deal with "The Grim Reaper" and deciding to Duel of his own free will. Jaden later helped Crowler and Bonaparte function as a team during there triangle duel against Pegasus. Though the two lose, they admit that the students taught them a lot much to Jaden's happiness.

One night, the good Sartorius appears from a beam of light and gives Jaden a small black case, telling him to protect it and not to return it to him. He then uses his mind control powers on Jaden so that he doesn't give whatever is in the case back to him, which turns out to be one of the keys to SORA. The Light of Destruction then brainwashes Alexis and tells her to get the satellite key back from Jaden so she challenges him to a Duel using her new White Night deck. Jaden wins and frees her from the control of the Society of Light.

Meanwhile, Syrus is in the hospital, recovering from his Duel with his brother Zane, when he and Jaden hear an announcement over the P.A. system that Jaden has to take a physics pop quiz. Being the test-hater that he is, Jaden is reluctant to go through with it. However, the "announcement" was merely a recording of Dr. Crowler's voice, played back over the P.A. system by Prince Ojin. And when Jaden enters the classroom, he discovers that he is alone, until Dr. Eisenstein appears on the stage before him. Dr. Eisenstein uses his logical Dueling knowledge to overpower Jaden, balancing the power of his monsters, Spells and Traps to deal significant damage to Jaden. But Jaden, who believes that he'll keep drawing the cards he needs, manages to come out on top with a strong counterattack. Upon defeat, Eisenstein is convinced that faith in chance can help win a Duel. With Hassleberry and Crowler waiting outside watching, Jaden is happy to report that he passed his pop quiz. Then Crowler reminds him that no one is giving classes or tests while the Genex Tournament is still in progress. Jaden realizes that he was tricked into Dueling Eisenstein.

Due to Jaden's victories over Alexis Rhodes (freed from Sartorius's influence) and Dr. Eisenstein, and Aster Phoenix's victory over The D (lost in the explosion of his yacht), the Light of Destruction steps up its plans to destroy Earth. It fragments once again from Sartorius's body and possesses Prince Ojin, who challenges Jaden to a Duel for control of his key to SORA. While Jaden manages to survive Ojin's One Turn Kill and rally his "Elemental Heroes" to destroy one of Ojin's "Satellite Cannons", the Prince merely shrugs this off as a minor setback and reveals the most powerful monster his Deck can produce—the "Satellite Laser Balsam", a "Satellite" monster with a Piercing effect, and one that would gain 3000 attack points with each of Ojin's passing turns. But even this is not enough to win Ojin the Duel, as Jaden is able to mount a comeback with "Change of Hero - Reflector Ray".

Unfortunately, although Ojin has been defeated, the Light of Destruction (still possessing Sartorius) has not abandoned its goal. Now, it decides to target Aster and claim his key, in an ultimate attempt to claim both, gain full control of SORA, and make the world "see the light".

After defeating The D and escaping with "Destiny Hero - Plasma" and his life, Aster Phoenix heads to the Society of Light's dormitory, intending to save Sartorius from The Light, by challenging The Light, to a Duel Aster wagers his key. Aster makes a dramatic turnaround and attempts to win the Duel with "Plasma", but is ultimately defeated as The Light of Destruction unleashes "Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler". Jaden, angered by this heartless victory, challenges Sartorius, with the fate of the entire world at stake. Sartorius places Aster's unconscious form on one hand of the goddess statue and his Satellite Key on the other. The statue acts as a set of scales. Unless Jaden Yuki places his own key on the hand, the scale will be imbalanced and Aster will fall into the pit of lava below. Sartorius activates the statue, and the hand holding Aster beings to lower. If Jaden hands over the key, Sartorius will have access to the Satellite and be able to brainwash the whole world (destroy the world in the Japanese version). It's Aster's life against the world's. Breaking free from the good Sartorius mind control power that he placed on him to prevent him from giving him back the key and choosing the safety of a friend, Jaden throws his key onto the other hand and so the scale tips back into balance which saved Aster for now.


Jaden vs Sartorius

Elemental Hero Neos manifests before Jaden and explains that the source of every battle is a confrontation between light and dark. Neos says Jaden is the only one with the power of "gentle power of the Darkness of Justice" to save the world from The Light of Destruction. Jaden challenges Sartorius to a Duel for the satellite keys. Sartoruis states he has no reason to Duel Jaden, since he's already given up his key. Sartorius sends a beam of light at the keys to retrieve them, but the beam is blocked by a multicolored beam from space. Neos is protecting the keys. This forces Sartorius to Duel Jaden for them. Jaden gains an early advantage, reducing Sartorius to 300 Life Points with "Shining Flare Wingman". However, Sartorius activates "Light Barrier" which surrounds the field, suppressing Neos' power. Sartorius retrieves the keys and influences Prince Ojin once more, giving him the keys and telling him to run an activate the satellite. With the keys gone, the hand holding Aster lowers towards the lava. Hassleberry runs in and barely manages to save Aster's life. Ojin rushes off to activate the satellite, and Hassleberry chases after him with Linda, leaving Syrus Truesdale to tend to Aster and support Jaden. Sartorius' "Light Barrier" card negates the effects of all non-Arcana Force monsters, allows Sartorius to choose which effect all such monsters get, and add the ATK of any monsters that either player destroys to their Life Points. During the Duel, Jaden has a vision of his own future, with himself standing in a desert. He's attacked by a shadowy armored figure, but this gives him confidence, as this future implies that the world is not destroyed, and that he wins against Sartorius, despite the fact that this implies a bleak future for him. When Jaden summons "Elemental Hero Neos", it tells him that if he wins the Duel, he may be able to stop the satellite. Jaden manages to destroy "Light Barrier", allowing Neos to leave the area. After attacking directly with "Elemental Hero Glow Neos", its Duel Spirit leaves with that of Hassleberry to destroy the satellite.

GX episode 104

Jaden in space.

When Jaden re-summons "Elemental Hero Neos" using "Hero Flash!!", the spirit of Glow Neos remains at the satellite, while a separate spirit of regular Neos returns to the Duel. After Jaden activates "Neo Space" and Summons "Elemental Hero Neos" again, "Neos" rejoins Hassleberry. Sarina is able to stop the satellite from firing at Neos and Hassleberry, and this allows them to demolish it completely. Jaden defeats Sartorius with "Reverse of Neos," and The Light of Destruction leaves the latter's body. Sartorius reveals that The Light of Destruction took his fortune-telling abilities with it when it exited his body. He therefore allows his tarot cards to blow away in the wind. After that, a KaibaCorphelicopter shows up, with Sarina aboard, alive and well.

Dimension World[]

During the third year, Jaden is pursued by the spirit of his favorite card in childhood, Yubel, which was given to him by his father, in both versions he doesn't remember who Yubel is due to his medical treatment done on him during his childhood until it reveals its physical form. With his parents always working and away from home, Jaden turned to Dueling friends to pass the time, but the sadness associated with his inability to play "Yubel" properly led the Duel Monster to hospitalize a young Duelist named Osamu and scare away the rest of his companions with other misfortunes. During this time, he develops a close friendship with North Academy champion Jesse Anderson, as the two found they had much in common.

Duel Academy is transported to an alternate dimension where Duel Monsters can take physical form, and Jesse ultimately appears to sacrifice himself to grant the rest of the school passage back to their own world. Depressed at the loss of Jesse, and blaming himself for it Jaden willingly attempts to go back to the alternate dimension, taking a group of his insistent friends with him, though they end up in another, desperate dimension. However, Jaden's guilt for Jesse's situation soon leads to an obsession. He begins to think only of finding and saving Jesse and begins to disregard what his actions may make befall his other friends. Because of this, his friends Alexis Rhodes, Tyranno Hassleberry, Chazz and Atticus Rhodes all get captured and sacrificed by Brron, Mad King of Dark World in order to create the "Super Polymerization" card. When Jaden finally wins against Brron, Syrus, Axel Brodie and Jim Crocodile Cook arrive. Witnessing the others being sacrificed because of Jaden's obsession to rescue Jesse causes them to abandon him, leaving him alone.


Jaden as the Supreme King in the Dimension World.

Afterwards, Jaden feels guilty at himself for allowing the sacrifices to happen. A strange figure called the Supreme King enters, influencing his reincarnation to become evil and saying he will never be able to redeem himself for his actions. With all his friends gone, Jaden unwillingly accepts it along with the incomplete "Super Polymerization" card and at that time, the Supreme King possesses him. While under the Supreme King's control, Jaden commits many atrocities that include unrepentant slaughter of Duelists in order to complete the "Super Polymerization" and the oppression of several villages. However, as the Supreme King performs these actions, Jaden himself is left in doubt about what he needs in order to be complete not only as a Duelist, but as a person. Unfortunately, he turns to the Supreme King for this advice, who only tells him that one can only overcome evil by becoming evil. After Axel uses Jim's Eye of Orichalcum on the Supreme King during a successful invasion of the Supreme King's castle, Jaden is freed from his possession, but is deeply tormented by the atrocities he committed during his possession, and he thus starts refusing to use his Fusion Monsters, as "Polymerization" and other cards that include Fusion Summoning remind him of the things he did while possessed, since the Supreme King mainly used Fusion Monsters.

Zane tries to Duel Jaden to snap him out of his guilty mindset and get him focused on stopping Yubel, but he only continues doubting himself more and feeling worse. Then Jesse reappears, though he is possessed by Yubel. Learning that his friend is being controlled, Jaden puts his problems aside for the time being so that he can save Jesse. However, when Jaden finally Duels Yubel to save Jesse, it is revealed that Yubel actually removed Jesse's soul from his body and placed him inside the "Rainbow Dark Dragon" before taking over. Jaden manages to exorcise Yubel out of Jesse, but in one foul swoop, it snatches the "Super Polymerization" card from Jaden and then forces him into a Duel. Before the final clash, Jaden finds out that Yubel's power was previously augmented by the Light of Destruction while it was still stranded in space. Although he feels guilty because his actions led to Yubel's exposure, the sheer atrocity and shamelessness of its actions prevents Jaden from feeling any sympathy towards the deranged spirit.

However, near the end of the Duel, Jaden is told the truth between his connections with Yubel: Instead of just being a part of him, Jaden is the next Supreme King, the reincarnation of a young prince of an unknown kingdom from long ago, who was once friends with a human Yubel. As the Supreme King contained the enigmatic power of a being called the Supreme King that is needed to defeat the Light of Destruction, he needed a guardian to protect him until he was old enough to control and wisely use his power; Yubel chose herself for the role, and was transformed into the Duel Monster it eventually became, its effect allowing for the perfect defense against anyone who tried to harm Jaden. Despite the great burden and sacrifice, the young Supreme King promised to give his love (friendship in the dub) only to Yubel, which was why Yubel became Jaden's favorite card as a kid, and why Yubel was so obsessed and jealous with him and his friends.

GX155 - Yubel hugs Jaden

Jaden being embraced by a redeemed Yubel shortly before their fusion.

Finally realizing the truth behind all his troubles, Jaden - after bidding adieu to his friends - allowed Yubel to gain a hold of "Super Polymerization," chaining "Spiritual Fusion" to choose their souls as the fusion materials instead of all twelve dimensions as Yubel was expecting, and purging Yubel of the Light of Destruction's influence. Vowing to never stop caring for each other, Yubel and Jaden are bound together for all time. Jaden supposedly left to battle of the light waves of chaos(This was where the dub of the show ended), and fulfill the mission Yubel was given in the past. After Jaden's disappearance and everyone else being returned back to Duel Academy, Syrus, Hassleberry, Atticus, Chazz, and Alexis were talking about Jaden. After the talk, Syrus sees a shooting star and wishes Jaden to be back, which happened as the "star" crashed at Duel Academy, and was revealed that it was Jaden, with the abilities of both the Supreme King and Yubel under his control.


After the events that happened in season 3, Jaden has became very withdrawn and independent (though his cheerful personality was still here). Syrus is now in the Obelisk Blue dorm, and he is the only remaining student at Slifer Red. He now spends most of his time alone, feeling too distanced from his friends after what had happened. He decides to leave Duel Academy, not wishing to put his friends in danger (he had come to believe that things that put his friends in danger happened because of him being around). However, both Sartorius and Kagemaru attempt to convince him otherwise, believing that he is needed on the island to prevent a growing danger in the near future. This seems to be well-advised, as before their meeting, Jaden already confronts a mysterious Obelisk Blue student by name of Yusuke Fujiwara, who can hypnotize people and set fires with his eyes, as well as the mysterious entity Trueman, who seems to want both Jaden and Fujiwara dead. Both of these entities noticed Jaden showing Yubel's power and commented that he is not a regular human.

Jaden eventually regained his love for Dueling while teaming with Alexis in a Tag Duel. While Dueling alongside her, he also made amends with her and repaired their friendship, making him more open to his friends again.

Eventually, Jaden learns that the person that everyone thought was Fujiwara was actually the spirit of one of his cards, Honest, and that Fujiwara doesn't even appear to be on earth. Although Jaden doesn't know what Trueman's intentions are, he has found that the enigmatic dark entity pulls people into the world of Darkness. He realizes this too late, having been distracted by Trueman's actions in Domino City, thus giving the real Nightshroud, using Yusuke Fujiwara's body as a vessel, to attack the students at Duel Academy, only arriving in time to see Nightshroud possessed Fujiwara defeat the last student, Atticus Rhodes. Along the way, Jaden meets Jesse in Domino City, but mistakes him for Trueman after Sartorius infected his "Polymerization" card. After a Duel they fail to finish, Jaden realises it is Jesse and not Trueman he's Dueling and the two of them return to Duel Academy together. Both are then challenged to a triple Duel with Nightshroud, with only Jaden remaining the winner after he purges Nightshroud from Fujiwara. However, Jaden Duels the bodiless Nightshroud in a final Duel with the world at stake. The Duel was intense straight from the start; with Jaden Summoning "Neos Wiseman" using "Yubel." Jaden finally defeats Nightshroud by summoning "Elemental Hero Divine Neos" to defeat Nightshroud's "Darkness Neosphere."

YuGiOhGXEpisode180 PIC final letter

The letter Pharaoh had for Jaden.

After the graduation ceremony, Jaden decides to leave Duel Academy quietly; however, he is brought to the room that contains Yugi's Deck by Winged Kuriboh. Yugi appears there, and after the Winged Kuriboh card glows with a bright light, Jaden finds himself in Domino City in the past, bumping into a younger Yugi who still holds the Millennium Puzzle. He challenges his hero to a Duel, and as he shuffles the Deck he senses the presence of the Egyptian Gods in Yugi's Deck. The Duel then begins, with Yugi eventually Summoning "Dark Magician" and Jaden Summoning "Elemental Hero Neos", their ace monsters, which battle it out. After a long battle, Yami Yugi finally takes over Yugi's body and welcomes Jaden, and Summons "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Jaden's face lights up, and he finally realizes Dueling really is fun. He then sends "Elemental Hero Neos" to attack "Slifer The Sky Dragon" and the Duel comes to an abrupt end with Jaden, Yami and Yugi all smiling. It then pans to Jaden in a desert. Jaden then turns around and looks at the sky, and thanks Yugi for reminding him that he has a long way to go, and Dueling is fun, and shouts his very last "Gotcha!" towards the sun. His bag rustles, and he opens it to find Pharaoh and Banner inside. Inside Pharaoh's collar he finds a letter from his friends each with their own message for him feeling glad that they love him. After reading it, Jaden, Banner, Pharaoh, and presumably Yubel decide to travel together, and thus Jaden runs off towards the sunset, off to start a new adventure.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time[]

Jaden is known to have traveled to Venice in Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time before being attacked by Paradox. He is relentlessly attacked further by "Cyber End Dragon." "Rainbow Dragon" and "Stardust Dragon" and despite the extra protection offered from Summoning "Elemental Hero Neos," he was nearly overwhelmed by all their attacks. He only survives due to the intervention of Yusei Fudo and the Crimson Dragon, the latter of which takes the final blows for him. He then explains to Yusei that he heard from his classmates about getting their cards stolen from Paradox and came down to Venice to stop him. They then use the Crimson Dragon to travel back to the days of Yugi Muto, only to find they were too late to stop Paradox from killing Pegasus. They return thirty minutes earlier after recruiting Yugi to their cause, with Yubel scaring off the patrons just before Paradox would appear to Duel them.


Jaden activating "Polymerization" in the English trailer of Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time.

Though only having one turn in the Duel, Jaden shows his mastery of fusion as he Summons a new Fusion Monster, "Elemental Hero Neos Knight," by fusing his "Neos" with Yusei's "Junk Gardna" and destroying Paradox's "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" and "Malefic Rainbow Dragon". He shows his characteristic excitement when seeing Yusei's Duel Runner during their first meeting and when Yusei Synchro Summons "Junk Gardna" during his first turn. He and Yami Yugi also manage to convince Yusei not to forfeit after he loses faith in their victory after the Summoning of "Malefic Truth Dragon". He and Yami Yugi are able to give "Stardust Dragon" the power to defeat "Malefic Truth Dragon" and defeat Paradox. Following their victory, all the damage Paradox caused to the timeline is repaired and the three return to their respective timelines with Yusei promising to protect the future and meet him and Yugi again.


Winged Kuriboh[]

Jaden is closest mostly to his monster spirits of which he possess to the gift of communication with, such as his Neo-Spacians, but no monster spirit is closest to his heart than his main spirit partner, Winged Kuriboh.

Bastion Misawa[]

Bastion was also one of Jaden's friends, an avid physics enthusiast and a very determined player who always aspired to be the best, but later realized that Friendship was also a way to have fun.

Syrus Truesdale[]

Syrus Truesdale and Jaden first met at the entrance exam and later they became best friends at Duel Academy. Jaden believes in Syrus even when he lacks confidence in himself. An example of this is when they are both forced to Duel the Paradox Brothers, Jaden motivates Syrus even though Syrus feels he will just be a burden. Jaden also cares deeply for Syrus and enjoys his company. This is shown when he rejects a promotion to Ra Yellow simply because "Syrus wouldn't be there." In the third season, Syrus loses faith in Jaden after watching their friends' Alexis, Chazz, Hassleberry and Atticus being sacrificed partly due to Jaden's fault. These feelings are aggravated even more due to orb of doubt planted in Syrus' mind by the evil Zure, Knight of Dark World. But later he realizes that it wasn't entirely Jaden's fault and starts supporting him again. After Jaden initially leaves with Yubel, Syrus seems to be the person who misses Jaden the most and immediately cries tears of joy when he sees Jaden return. In the Japanese version, Syrus looks up to Jaden as a "big brother", resulting in a rivalry with Tyranno Hassleberry.

Alexis Rhodes[]

Alexis Rhodes has always shown interest in Jaden and his Dueling skills. They share a lot in common, like the same passion for Dueling.[55] Along the series they become very close friends, willing to support each other in the most difficult times. An example of this is when Alexis risks her life to accompany Jaden to the dimensional world in order to help him look for Jesse. Another example is when Jaden Duels Alexis to free her from the control of Sartorius. Later, after the events of the third arc, their relationship becomes awkward and this troubles Alexis greatly. She keeps reminiscing about how things were during their first year at Duel academy. She wishes that Jaden would return to his old fun-loving personality and start smiling like he used to before. Their relationship is finally repaired during the Pair Dueling Tournament when Alexis reminds Jaden that he used to love Dueling. After some time, during their final pair Duel, Jaden states that he's grateful to have met her and also claims her 'bold' combo of using "Doble Passe" was his first impression of her. During the course of the tournament, Alexis realizes she has feelings for Jaden and decided to tell him after they had won, but decides not to go through with it. Later, during the graduation party, she thinks about everything that has changed since their first year and feels that "Jaden has changed the most."

Chazz Princeton[]

Though originally Jaden's main rival, Chazz eventually becomes a close friend. Jaden considered them to be friends much earlier than Chazz did. Though their rivalry continues, they form a bond to their shared battles in various arcs. Chazz is even willing to accompany Jaden into the other dimensions to help find Jesse. By the end of the show, Chazz respects Jaden as a Duelist and writes to him saying whenever he wants they can duel.

Tyranno Hassleberry[]

Hassleberry enters Duel Academy when Jaden is in his second year. After being defeated, he quickly develops into a rival for Syrus, even calling Jaden "big brother" ("Sarge" in the dub) just as Syrus does. Syrus and Hassleberry would later form a rivalry over who is Jaden's closest friend.

Blair Flannigan[]

Blair originally had a crush on Zane, but her fixation shifted to Jaden after being defeated by him, much to his shock and displeasure.[31] In the third season, it is shown that Jaden cared for her as a friend even going as far of getting medicines for her in their somewhat dangerous situation after being attacked by Yubel then gaining a mysterious illness, however she is later cured by the medicine from a nearby submarine. The two of them also co-operated well as a tag team.

Zane Truesdale[]

Zane with Alexis - along with the remainder of the academy students - watched Jaden's entrance exam duel against Crowler which ended in Jaden being victorious, while Alexis was impressed, Zane didn't seem to share the same views towards the new enrolling student, possibly implying that he is worried that Jaden's success would outrank him.[1]

Later on throughout his first academic year, after defeating Zane's brother Syrus in a practice duel for their upcoming Tag Team Duel, Jaden looking at Syrus' hand after the duel notices that it contained Power Bond which Syrus could have used to double his Steam Gyroid's attack points and beaten Jaden.[Notes 1][21] Syrus tells Jaden that his brother gave him the card and told him that he wasn't good enough to use it. Alexis tells Jaden that Syrus' brother is called Zane and is the school's top duelist. Despite Zane's reputation and popularity, Jaden has never heard of him, but is eager to duel him, curious to know the issues between the two Trusedale brothers and more importantly and personally, see if he can beat the school's number one pupil. Alexis tries to warn Jaden, but encourages him to go through with it when realising that his mind was already made up.[21] The next day, after hunting Syrus down with Chumley and stopping the former from leaving the academy, the three slifers encounter Alexis with Zane who is relieved to see his brother dropping out. Jaden angry with Zane's disloyalty towards his brother, challenges him to a Duel; Zane accepts believing that he can beat him at ease, though he probably was also eager to defeat the student who beat Crowler. During the Duel, Jaden mocks Zane when destroying his Cyber Dragon with Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, saying that the latter made the big man on campus get a little bit smaller, but he also compliments him in his ability to maintain calm without worrying or retaliating to his opponent's attacks, Zane compliments Jaden as well, saying that he himself is also a good duelist and plays his cards well, much to Syrus' surprise as Zane rarely gives compliments. Although Jaden manages to counter some of Zane's most powerful forces throughout the duel and maintain a lead over him, Zane eventually beats him with Cyber End Dragon in combination with Power Bond. Jaden does not take losing to harshly and thanks Zane for a great duel, the two duelist walk away feeling impressed with their opponent; it is implied that the two developed a fondness in each other an admiration for each other as duelists from that day on, Zane was more than likely especially impressed that another duelist came that close to beating him.[22]

Zane was originally elected to represent Duel Academy in the School Duel against North Academy, but when word got out that North Academy were using a first year student as their representative Duel Academy then had to choose a first year student of their own in the spirit of competition, and with Zane being a third year student was off limits. When wondering who the first year representative should be, Zane recommends Jaden assuring Chancellor Sheppard that he will make the academy proud.[4]

Jesse Anderson[]

When Jesse first came to Duel Academy, Jaden was fast friends with him because of how they were able to communicate Duel Spirits and share similar personalities. Also, when they met at the roof, they both had a feeling that they had met somewhere earlier. When Duel Academy returned to its home dimension, Jaden risked his life to go to another world to get him back. During the triangle duel between Jesse, Jaden and Nightshroud, Nightshroud looks into Jesse to find his darkness; said darkness was shown to be his distaste for Jaden. Jesse plays along with it and then jokes with Jaden about it, seemingly tricking Nightshroud. Moments later, Jesse's internal monologue informs us that Nightshroud was indeed right; but he owes Jaden his life after saving him from Yubel back in the other dimension. Nightshroud also clearly did not create this narrative, because the only person to ever have no darkness within them was Tyranno Hassleberry, in which he created a darkness just to manipulate him. This differs from the darkness within Jesse, because his was not fabricated, and instead, it was a very real thing that Jesse felt. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time, seeing that Jesse's "Rainbow Dragon" card was used for "Malefic Rainbow Dragon", Jaden, furious at this, cursed Paradox for that action.


Yubel was the spirit of a card Jaden owned in his youth.[12] The card was given to Jaden by his father who was rarely around due to his long work hours. This caused Jaden to greatly value it, and in doing so formed a close bond with the card’s spirit. Due to a promise made to Jaden's past life, Yubel protected him at any cost, wishing to safeguard him from all threats. This caused Yubel to become very overprotective and possessive of Jaden. Eventually, she started putting several of his neighborhood dueling opponents into comas. Jaden's past life held romantic feelings for Yubel and pledged his love to her and her alone (all aspects of this are removed in the dub). She returns to seek out Jaden years later, wishing for him to make due on his past life's promise at any cost (in the dub, she wants revenge for being sent away). Every action she takes is to get closer to Jaden and believes that everything she does is out of love, no matter how heinous the action. Jaden eventually accepts her feelings seemingly because if he didn't she would continue killing people he cares about and fuses himself with her via "Super Polymerization".[56]

Other appearances[]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, Jaden Yuki is a headstrong student at Duel Academy who aspires to be as great a Duelist as his mentor, Koyo Hibiki.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force, Jaden can be selected as a partner. Upon maximizing all his hearts, he gifts the player with a "Miracle Fusion" card. He partners with Chazz during the Tag Force tournament if not partnered with the player. During part three, he is brainwashed by Amnael and will Duel the player and their partner alongside the Shadow Rider. He is returned to normal upon defeating him.


Jaden uses an "Elemental Hero" Deck, which focuses on Warrior-Type monsters themed after superheroes. So far, he has been featured in the most Duels out of all characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. The majority of Jaden's "Elemental Hero" monsters lack power, but he supports them with a variety of Spell and Trap Cards to unleash effective combos. Jaden relies largely on Fusion, as almost all of the "Elemental Heroes" introduced in the anime can fuse with each other, giving Jaden's Deck many options in almost any situation. He further relies on recycling "Polymerization" to his hand and reviving or retrieving "Elemental Hero" monsters from the Graveyard. Jaden's trademark "Elemental Hero" is "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman", which can be further fused into "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman".

In his second year, after his second Duel with Aster, Jaden's Deck is left blank to his eyes due to Sartorius' powers. With the inability to use his old "Hero" Deck, Jaden received a new one that included the "Neo-Spacians", cards he created as a child for a KaibaCorp contest. The highlight of Jaden's new Deck is "Elemental Hero Neos", which can initiate Contact Fusion with the "Neo-Spacians" to summon Fusion Monsters without the need for "Polymerization". Jaden also includes support for the "Neo-Spacians" and "Neos", such as "Neo Space", to prevent the new fusions he Summons from returning to the Fusion Deck at the End Phase through their effects. He combines this Deck with his old one.

While under the control of The Supreme King, Jaden used an "Evil Hero" Deck, consisting of more powerful, sinister Fiend-Type incarnations of his trademark heroes, such as "Evil Hero Inferno Wing" to "Flame Wingman", Summoned through the usage of "Dark Fusion". Compared to Jaden's normal Deck which relies on combos and often chance of the draw, his "Evil HERO" Deck relies on the brute force supplied by his monsters, which are immune to Spell and Trap cards when Summoned by "Dark Fusion". Jaden also uses "Super Polymerization" to use his opponent's monsters as Fusion Materials.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Vellian Crowler 1 Win
Chazz Princeton 2 No result
Alexis Rhodes 3 Win
Chazz Princeton 4 Win
Titan 5-6 Win
Syrus Truesdale 7 Win
Zane Truesdale and Duel Academy student 8 Lose (with Syrus Truesdale; dream)
Zane Truesdale 8 Lose
Syrus Truesdale 11 Not shown (flashback)
Para and Dox 10-11 Win (with Syrus Truesdale)
Wheeler 13 Win
Syrus Truesdale 14 No result
Torrey/Jinzo 14 Win
Harrington Rosewood 15 Win
Beauregard/Brier 16 Win
Damon 17 Win
Dimitri 18-19 Win
Blair Flannigan 20 Win
Bastion Misawa 21-22 Win
Belowski 23 Win
Chazz Princeton 25-26 Win
Gravekeeper's Chief 27-28 Win
Atticus Rhodes/Nightshroud 29-30 Win
Camula 33 Win
Shadow Duelist 34 Lose (dream)
Kaibaman 34 Lose
Tania 37 Win
Admiral 38 Win
Abidos the Third 40 Win
Dark Magician Girl 42 Win
Amnael 45-46 Win
Kagemaru 48-49 Win
Syrus Truesdale 50 Lose (simulation duel)
Zane Truesdale 51-52 DRAW
Aster Phoenix 53 Win
Tyranno Hassleberry 55 Win
Bastion Misawa 57 Win
Aster Phoenix 58-59 Lose
Chazz Princeton (original only) 60 No result
Alien of Light 62 Win
Aster Phoenix 67-68 Win
Lorenzo 71 Win
Howard X Miller 72 Win
Princess Rose 74 Win
T-Bone 77 Win
Sarina 78-79 Win (with Aster Phoenix)
Alice 80 Win
Bob Banter 81 Win
Franz 85 Win
Orlando 86 Win
Chazz Princeton 87-88 Win
Genex Tournament Duelist 89 Win
20 Genex Tournament Duelists 90 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Lucien Grimley 91 Win
Alexis Rhodes 93-94 Win
Dr. Eisenstein 96 Win
Prince Ojin/The Light of Destruction 99 Win
Sartorius/The Light of Destruction 102-104 Win
Jesse Anderson 106-107 Win
Axel Brodie 108-109 Win
Mr. Stein 113-114 Win
Thelonious Viper 117-119 Win
Titan, the Rock Spirit 121 Win
Titan, the Rock Spirit 121 Win (with Jesse Anderson)
Fonda Fontaine 123 Win
Chazz Princeton 126 Win
Syrus Truesdale and Duel Ghouls 127 No result
Marcel Bonaparte/Yubel 129-130 Win (with Jesse Anderson)
Osamu 131 Lose (flashback)
Neighborhood kids 131 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Sky Scout 132 Win
Scarr, Scout of Dark World 133 Win
Zure, Knight of Dark World 134 Win
Newdoria, Goblin Attack Force, Skull Knight 2, Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World 135 Win
Brron, Mad King of Dark World 135-136 Win
Syrus Truesdale 137 Win (dream)
Marauding Captain 146 Win (flashback) (Possessed by The Supreme King)
2 Villagers 146 Win (flashback) (Possessed by The Supreme King)
Various Villagers 138 (mentioned) Win (off-screen) (Possessed by The Supreme King)
Jim Crocodile Cook 139-140 Win (Possessed by The Supreme King)
Various Villagers 141 (mentioned) Win (off-screen) (Possessed by The Supreme King)
Axel Brodie 142-143 DRAW (Possessed by The Supreme King)
Zane Truesdale 146 No result
Guardian Baou 146-147 Win
Jesse Anderson/Yubel 151-152 DRAW
Yubel 153-155 No result
Trueman 157 Win
Trueman 158 Win
Atticus Rhodes/Nightshroud 159 Win
Trueman 160 Win
Chancellor Sheppard and Ms. Dorothy 161 Win (with Alexis Rhodes)
Obelisk Blue pair 161 Win (with Alexis Rhodes)
Tyranno Hassleberry and Blair Flannigan 162 Win (with Alexis Rhodes)
Chazz Princeton 165 Win
Vellian Crowler 167 Win
Daigo Sorano 168 Win
Ra Yellow student 168 Win
Sartorius 170-171 Win
Jesse Anderson 172 No result
Yusuke Fujiwara/Nightshroud, Jesse Anderson 175-176 Win
Nightshroud 177-178 Win
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 179-180 Not shown
Paradox Movie Win (with Yami Yugi and Yusei Fudo)


  • Jaden's hairstyle and carefree attitude were an intentional contrast to those of Yugi and Yami Yugi on the part of Kazuki Takahashi.
  • The plot involving the Supreme King was written after Takahashi realized that Jaden's attitude at the start of the series was difficult to show growth in and in his own words "not enough to beat someone like Yami Marik"[57] who ironically only won duels with shadow games, Ra and other cheap tactics.
  • Jaden has more Fusion Monsters in his Extra Deck than any other Duelist in the franchise, with 33 (39 if the "Evil HERO" monsters he used while possessed by the The Supreme King count).
  • Jaden has the following distinctions from the other main protagonists:
    • He is the only one to have "Yu" as the first part of his surname instead of his given name.
    • He is the only one whose first name is different in the Japanese and English versions.
    • He is the only one whose color palette does not contain any blue (Yugi's uniform is blue, Yusei's eyes and jacket are blue, Yuma's bracelet is dark blue with light blue gems on it, Yuya's pendant and the star on the right lens of his googles are light blue, Yusaku's hair contains two shades of blue, Yuga's gloves and shoes are blue, and Yudias Velgear's hair and clothing contains multiple shades of blue).
    • He is the only one whose results of his series' final Duel are unknown (not counting Yuma and Yuya's Duels against Cathy and Yusho, respectively, as those Duels were not seen). His final Duel is also the only one that wasn't against either a partner (like Yugi, Yuma, and Yusaku) or a rival (like Yusei, Yuya and Yuga), as he instead faced the previous main protagonist.
    • He is the only one whose supernatural powers do not include mid-Duel card edits. Jaden's power also do not directly relate to dueling/drawing, as they are instead directly towards the Monster Cards themselves when he chooses to manifest them (usually not in dueling situations).


  1. Syrus' hand also contained Limiter Removal, which he could have used to double his Steam Gyroid's attack points further than the extra points gained from Power Bond, giving it enough points to wipe out Jaden's life points.


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