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King of Atlantis

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Ironheart is a father of Dartz, grandfather of Chris, and the former ruler of Atlantis. At some point after Dartz was corrupted by the Orichalcos Stone, he was the one leading the Duel Monsters to battle against Dartz. Seemingly defeated, he, along with his granddaughter, Dartz' daughter Chris and Skye, retreat to a remote location. Yami Yugi and Tea were found by them after the train they were in got out of control.

When Yami Yugi had lost confidence in himself, after his Legendary Dragon Timaeus had abandoned him in his last duel, Ironheart said that he would hold on to it for the time being. He then asked what Tea and Yami Yugi was doing there, and they told him they were searching for a friend. He then decided to show them to the sacred spiritual ground, where he believed Yugi could be found there.

When Yami Yugi had entered the sacred ground, Tea at some point tried to follow him, but was stopped by Ironheart, who informed her that only one person at a time could enter the area, without angering the spirits. There does seem to be times when it is alright to anger the spirits though, as Ironheart entered the area when the Orichalcos Soldier summoned the Seal of Orichalcos against Yami Yugi. He rushed in, and tried to bring Timaeus back to Yami Yugi, but was struck down before reaching the seal. At that time, Chris caught up with Ironheart, and was ordered by him to bring the Legendary Dragon to the Pharaoh.

After Dartz's defeat, he, Dartz, Chris, and Skye all disappear with Atlantis as it returns to the sea.

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