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| romaji_name = Kōkaku no Kagayaki
| romaji_name = Kōkaku no Kagayaki
| trans_name = Steel Core Luster
| trans_name = Steel Core Luster
| image = IronCoreLusterANPR-EN-C-1E.jpg
| image = IronCoreLuster-ANPR-EN-C-1E.jpg
| attribute = Trap
| attribute = Trap
| typest = Counter
| typest = Counter

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Iron Core Luster
(こう) (かく) (かがや)
English Iron Core Luster
German Glanz des Eisenkerns
Italian Desiderio del Nucleo d'Acciaio
Korean 강철핵의 빛
Portuguese Lustre do Núcleo de Aço
Japanese (kana) こうかくのかがやき
Japanese (base) 鋼核の輝き
Japanese (rōmaji) Kōkaku no Kagayaki
Japanese (translated) Steel Core Luster
Attribute TRAP TRAP.svg
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