"Invitation to the Different Dimension" (異次元 (いじげん) への (いざな) い, Ijigen e no Sasoi) is a Duel Puzzle in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1.


The player has 1400 Life Points. Their hand contains "D.D. Warrior", "Gemini Elf", "Summoned Skull", "Shadow Specter", "Kattapillar" and "Petit Moth" and their field contains "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" in Attack Position.

The opponent has 2400 Life Points and "Summoned Skull" in Attack Position.

The player is given the clue: Some monsters have very effective effects. Use them to win Duels.


  1. Summon "D.D. Warrior" in Attack Position.
  2. Enter the Battle Phase.
  3. Attack "Summoned Skull" with "D.D. Warrior". The effect of "D.D. Warrior" removes itself and "Summoned Skull" from play.
  4. Attack directly with "Red-Eyes B. Dragon".
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