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'''The Interdimensional War''' is an ongoing conflict between [[Astral World]] and [[Barian World]], with [[Earth (planet)|Earth]] caught right in the middle. It ultimately serves as the main plot point of [[Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL]]. The [[Numeron Code]] is the ultimate goal of both sides as it decides the victor and fate of both worlds and Earth.
'''The Interdimensional War''' is a prolonged engagement between the [[Astral World]] and the [[Barian World]], with [[Earth (planet)|Earth]] caught right in the middle. It ultimately serves as the main conflict of [[Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL]]. The [[Numeron Code]] is the ultimate objective of both sides as it decides the victor and fate of both worlds and Earth.
==Beginnings and Past Lives==
==Beginnings and Past Lives==

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The Interdimensional War is a prolonged engagement between the Astral World and the Barian World, with Earth caught right in the middle. It ultimately serves as the main conflict of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. The Numeron Code is the ultimate objective of both sides as it decides the victor and fate of both worlds and Earth.

Beginnings and Past Lives

Astral vs Don Thousand

Sea of Ill Intent (Vector in the foreground)

It is said that the emissary of Astral world: Astral fought against the god of the Barian World: Don Thousand. Astral ultimately emerged victorious, sealing Don in the Sea of Ill Intent, but brought chaos to the Earth in the process.

Past Lives

It is revealed that before becoming Barians, the Seven Barian Emperors were human once in their past lives, with each of their past being connected to each ruin the Legendary Numbers were hidden in, along with the numbers themselves and their protectors.

The Missing Barian Emperors

The Leaders of the Barian Emperors, Nasch and Merag went missing at some point. According to Don, Vector is the one responsible for their disappearance as he murdered them.


Not much is known on how the war between the two dimensions really started, with the only clue being said from Durbe and Mizael that one cannot exist while the other survives.

Human Recruitment

Barian World

Due to the fact that the residents of the Barian and Astral Worlds are high-energy beings that cannot interact with each other and being unable to take the Number themselves, Barian Emperors Durbe and Vector enlisted humans to do it for them, serving as their benefactors.

Dr. Faker
Faker was forced than recruited, as Vector threatened to hurt his child, Hart, unless Faker brought Vector "Numbers", which would appease him.

Hart Tenjo
Like his Father, Hart became a forced pawn of Vector from receiving his Barian energy, which not only gave him powers, but a few harmful side effects as well. From this he would be forced to use his powers to aid Faker in destroying the Astral World.

Vetrix Family
While Vetrix wandered the Barian world, Durbe released him and sent him back on Earth. Vetrix, thankful of this act, aided Durbe and was tasked to bring the "Numbers" and Durbe gave him and his sons power in the form of crests, though Vetrix only wanted one thing - revenge on Dr. Faker.

Astral World

The Astral World, through the Barians' recruitment process and Dr. Faker's offering, would gain the assistance of two beings who believe in possibilities and posses incredible tenacity: the great adventurer Kazuma Tsukumo and by extension his youngest child, Yuma Tsukumo.

Kazuma Tsukumo
Kazuma found the Astral World for a short moment before going back to Earth with a golden relic given to him by someone looked like Astral or Astral himself, which he gave to Yuma. He and his wife began to believe that through dueling, Yuma would eventually have to bear a great and dangerous destiny. Thanks to Dr. Faker's betrayal, Kazuma was sent into Astral World again and was trapped within it. From here, he sent Astral to Earth to help Yuma.

Yuma Tsukumo
Since receiving the golden key, Yuma began to dream about a door. One day, during a duel with Shark, Yuma unlocked the Door, which led to meeting Astral, with the unintended effect of having his memories scattered into 99 "Number" cards. By teaming up with Astral, Yuma hunts down the "Numbers" through many trials and adversity, ultimately becoming a key player in the fight against the Barians.

Current Events

Before WDC
Yuma is surprised by being told of a ship within his key by Astral. Astral also states that only by gathering the "Numbers" will they solve its mysteries.

Meanwhile, Kite began to grow more concerned for Hart as his physical and mental well-being continued to worsened from using his powers, but Hart insisted on continuing since he believed he was helping the world, while Mr.Heartland told Kite to focus on gathering "Numbers" if Hart is to be healed. Kite suspected that Dr.Faker was hiding the truth behind the mystery of the "Numbers", so he had Orbital 7 research their origins, which lead to Kite seeking the Emperor's Key Yuma wears which their connected to.

WDC Preliminaries

In a effort to help Kite Tenjo gather "Numbers" more quickly, Dr. Faker and Mr. Heartland devised a very clever plan: Holding a Duel Tournament called the World Duel Carnival. Duelists from all over the World will come to Heartland City to wage heated duels, all to claim the Title "Duel Champion". Thanks to Kite, Yuma was allowed to be in the tournament when he failed to sign up in time, though this was initially so that Kite would have another chance to face Astral. During the tournament, Yuma and Astral faced off against not only Kite and Shark but other strong duelists as well, Number holders or otherwise, including those of a more mysterious, powerful and sinister group known as the Vetrix Family.

WDC Finals

Attack of the Barians

Due to Vector's failures with his pawns and his presumed death, the Seven Barian Emperors decides to take a more direct approach in gaining the "Numbers" and dealing with the users of Zexal.

The Barian Pawn Threat
At Durbe's request, Gilag is the first to head to Earth to deal with Yuma and Astral. To this end, he started to use brainwashed pawns, starting with Fuma and his gang of thugs.

Astral's True Mission Revealed

Vector Returns

Battle of Sargasso

Search for the Legendary Numbers

After Vector's plan at Sargasso failed, his hatred for Yuma and Astral reach dangerous new heights. To that end he sought out the power of a certain barian deity.

After his defeat, Dark Mist tries one last attack to kill Yuma and Astral. Astral took the blow and absorbed him, ending Dark Mist's threat once and for all. Before disappearing with the golden key, He thanked Yuma for everything and left the duty of gaining and protecting the "Numbers" to him.

Fighting alongside the Arclight Brothers

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