The "Inpachi" (Japanese: (イン) (パチ) Inpachi) series is comprised of a small group of Machine and Pyro Normal Monsters that are one and the same monster. "Inpachi" begin as a felled tree possessed by a wicked spirit. It was then lit ablaze at some point before eventually becoming cinders. It was finally remodeled by "Kozaky" into the high-defense "Woodborg Inpachi". All members of this series are FIRE monsters, except for the EARTH "Inpachi".


Their history is connected to that of the Captain and Gigo series and can be seen in the following artworks:

Playing style

The "Inpachi" cards tend to be used in a Beatdown Deck due to their high ATK. Since they are Normal monsters, "Skill Drain" is a good card to use as it also works well for anti-meta purposes.

These cards may work well in a Little City Deck as they work nicely with their fellow high ATK monsters, such as "Elemental HERO Neos Alius".

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