The "Inpachi" (Japanese: (イン) (パチ) Inpachi) series is comprised of a small group of FIRE Machine and Pyro-Type Normal Monsters (with the exception of the EARTH "Inpachi") that are one and the same monster. "Inpachi" begin as a felled tree possessed by a wicked spirit. It was then lit ablaze at some point before eventually becoming cinders. It was finally remodeled by "Kozaky" into the high-defense "Woodborg Inpachi".


Their history is connected to that of the Captain and Gigo series and can be seen in the following artworks:

Playing style

The "Inpachi" cards tend to be used in a Beatdown Deck due to their high ATK. Since they are Normal monsters, "Skill Drain" is a good card to use as it also works well for anti-meta purposes.

These cards may work well in a Little City Deck as they work nicely with their fellow high ATK monsters, such as "Elemental HERO Neos Alius".

Recommended cards
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