An hourglass token is a kind of hourglass that was owned by Yami Bakura during the Dark RPG. Yami Bakura made these himself. In the manga, these powers were inherited by Akhenaden's mummy.


Yami Bakura had three hourglass tokens during the Dark RPG.

  1. The first Hourglass is used to reverse time.
  2. The second one was used to freeze time.
  3. The third one is used to resurrect Zorc Necrophades, without the eighth key - the Pharaoh's name (Atem). In the manga, this is used to cause natural disasters after Zorc was resurrected.


When Yugi and his friends arrived to give Atem enough energy to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and kill Bandit King Bakura and Diabound, Yami Bakura used the first Hourglass to reverse time, in order to prevent the arrival of Yugi and his friends, thus reversing the damage that shouldn't have happened.

After Diabound was destroyed, Yami Bakura used the second Hourglass to freeze time for the Pharaoh and the Sacred Guardians, allowing Aknadin, influenced by Zorc, to collect the remaining Millennium Items and resurrect Zorc. When Aknadin, as the Great Shadow Magus, launched an attack on the Pharaoh, Yami Yugi used his Master Item, Hasan, to deflect the attack back at the Hourglass, making time move again. In the manga, Zorc launched an attack so powerful that it caused time to move again.

The third one was used to summon Zorc Necrophades by sacrificing Bandit King Bakura and Diabound, regardless of the conditions. In the manga, this was used to cause calamities and disasters, making Yugi and his friends finding the Pharaoh's name more difficult.

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