Hishakaku is a Number Hunter in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga and a subordinate of Kyoji Yagumo. He has a large appreciation for Shogi, and even uses Duel Monsters cards whose both design and effects are based on the board game.



Hishakaku's full appearance.

Hishakaku has a very long spiked hair, thin dark eyebrows and three crystal-like marks on his forehead. He wears traditional Japanese clothes, and always holds a fan, which he uses as a D-Pad. He also wears a mouth-like mask covering his nose and mouth.


"Hisha" is the Japanese "rook" piece of Shogi, while "Kaku" is "bishop", reflecting Hishakaku's appreciation for Shogi.


Hishakaku uses a "Line Monster" Deck, whose effects are based on a card's position on the field. All of his card's names, designs and effects are based on Shogi, and use terms of the game instead of terms of Duel Monsters. Check the cards' Trivia pages for more information.

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Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Kaito Tenjo 25-27 Lose
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