Hidden Temples of Necrovalley
ネクロバレーの (さい) 殿 (でん)
English Hidden Temples of Necrovalley
French Temples Cachés de Vallée Mortuaire
German Verborgene Tempel im Tal der Toten
Italian Tempio Nascosto della Necrovalle
Korean 네크로밸리의 제전
Portuguese Templos Ocultos de Necro-Vale
Spanish Templos Escondidos del Necrovalle
Japanese (kana) ネクロバレーのさいでん
Japanese (base) ネクロバレーの祭殿
Japanese (rōmaji) Nekurobarē no Saiden
Japanese (translated) Shrine of Necrovalley
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Continuous Continuous.svg
Passcode 70000776
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