"Heroic" (ヒロイック Hiroikku, written as (ヒロイック) in the anime) is an archetype of Warrior monsters used by Nistro in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. They have effects that allow them to get stronger via original ATK. Their team symbol is a crimson Phoenix, which symbolizes the never-dying fighting spirit within this archetype's user Nistro. All members of this archetype are EARTH monsters, except for the following:

In the anime, "Heroic Challenger" and "Heroic Champion" are both archetypes. In the OCG, most of their support cards are changed to be support cards for all "Heroic" monsters.


Main Deck

Heroic Challenger Origin
Ambush Soldier Ambush
Assault Halberd Halberd
Clasp Sword Clasp knife
Double Lance Lance
Extra Sword Dual sword
Night Watchman Cantera
Spartan Spartan
Swordshield Shield
Thousand Blades Blade
War Hammer War hammer

Extra Deck

Heroic Champion Origin
Excalibur Excalibur
Gandiva Gandiva
Kusanagi Kusanagi
(Number 86:) Rhongomyniad Rhongomyniad

Playing style

The "Heroic" archetype focus on battling, ranging from swarming the field with Monsters to gaining a burst of ATK. To finish off the opponent in a few turns.

As the deck has high offensive power, "Heroic Gift" can be used to gain draw power. With your opponent's regained LP can be easily cut off again.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards


  • As with all Special Summon based deck. This deck can be shut down by stopping or punishing Special Summons, like "Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo" or "Vanity's Emptiness"
  • This archetype is a battle oriented deck, so cards that stop or punish attacking like "Threatening Roar" will stop this deck.
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