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Hermann is a member of Team Catastrophe. He has two criminal marks.


Hermann's design is to fit his along with his teammates as being "villains" as he wears quite dark attire usually associated with bikers or "punks". His turbo outfit consists of a leather overcoat and a spiked, purple helmet.



Hermann along with Hans and Nicolas were originally from the dark slums of Satellite, but when it merged with New Domino City they expected a change to their lives, but not much happened. Then when they gave up hope, Primo appeared before them with a "beacon of hope" in the form of dark cards which he said will take them all to the top and make them Kings.

World Racing Grand Prix

Hermann was originally seen when he used the effect of "Hook the Hidden Knight" to cause Crow Hogan's Duel Runner to crash (his identity was a mystery for several episodes), thus resulting in Crow's right arm being broke; due to this Crow couldn't enter in the World Racing Grand Prix. He was later seen a long with his teammates Hans and Nicolas smirking at the defeated Team Unicorn, even though they were in danger due to fatal crashes within the Duel Stadium. He was then later seen when Team 5D's were Dueling his team within the WRGP. He tried to cause Crow to crash again, but due to Crow's knowledge of the dark card he was able to avoid its attacks thus causing Hermann to be defeated by him. When he returned to the bay to switch teammates he was greeted by an angry Nicolas who snatched the flag.



Opponent Episode Outcome
Jean 103 Win (default)
Breo 103 No result
Crow Hogan 104-105 Lose

Hermann uses a "Hidden Knight" Deck, focusing on battle position changes and protection for Defense Position monsters.

Over the Nexus

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus, Hermann plays a Deck called Nightmare Clowns, which focuses on triggering the destruction effects of "Dream Clown" and "Blade Rabbit" through cards such as "Zero Gravity" and "Labyrinth of Nightmare".


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