Since I know the limits of DNA, I can combine superior DNA to create an evolved monster.

— Dr. Genome on the "Helixx" monsters.

"Helixx", known as "Hellix" (地獄螺戦鬼 (ヘルリックス) , Herurikkusu) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of DARK Fiend monsters used by Dr. Genome in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.


The Japanese name of the archetype is a portmanteau of "hell" (ヘル heru) and "helix" (ヘリックス, herikkusu), referring to the helix-shaped DNA molecules.


The archetype is essentially genetics-themed, being mainly composed of "evolved" mutant-like monsters.


Helixx Origin
Dreadrat Rat
Gothiclone Dolly
Marmotroll Marmot/Troll
Necro Darwin Charles Darwin


Card Origin
Graveyard Incubation Egg incubation
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