Heat Crystals
  • Japanese: 炎の結晶
  • Romaji: Honō no Kesshō
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Remove from play two FIRE monsters from your Graveyard to Special Summon one FIRE Elemental HERO Fusion Monster.

Viz Media lore<nomobile>?:</nomobile> <mobile>(The English manga by Viz Media sometimes uses lores which are inconsistent with the Japanese lore or how the card worked.):</mobile> You can remove two monsters sleeping in the graveyard from the game and special summon one Fire Elemental Hero Fusion Monster.

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Name Lore
Japanese 炎の結晶 墓地から炎属性モンスター2体をゲームから除外し炎属性のE・HERO融合モンスター1体を特殊召喚する



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Uses cards in the player's Graveyard as Fusion Materials +
Banishes from your Graveyard +  and Banishes Fusion Materials used in a Fusion Summon +
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Žarni Kristali +
HeatCrystals-EN-Manga-GX.png +
Heat Crystals +
Hitzekristalle +
HeatCrystals-JP-Manga-GX.png +
炎の結晶 +
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Heat Crystals +
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Cristais de Calor +
Normal Spell Card +
Honō no Kesshō +
炎の結晶 +
Performs a Fusion Summon +  and Special Summons from your Extra Deck +