Heartland Pier

Heartland Pier

Heartland Pier is a location in Heartland City near Kite's Laboratory in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.

Anime History

Shot of Where Nelson's Shoot Was Shot At Heartland Pier

Nelson's show shooting by the Pier.

While he arrived in Heartland City, Nelson Andrews shot one episode of "The Sparrow" in the Heartland Pier.[1] During his search for Astral's memories, Kite Tenjo came here looking for past numbers: Yuma vs. Nelson.[2]

Alit And yuma Prepare to Duel At The Pier

Alito and Yuma prepare to Duel.

Later while going to school, Yuma and Rei fled to Heartland Pier while they were pursued by a group of Barian-influenced students. After Alito defeated the students, he challenged Yuma for a rematch.[3]



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