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Harpie Lady Sister
  • Japanese: ハーピィ・レディさんしまい
  • Romaji: Hāpyi Redi Sanshimai
  • Translated: Three Harpie Lady Sisters

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1950 / 2100


Winged Beast

Three fierce sisters who relentlessly attack as a team.

チームワークのよい さんしまい やすむまもなく こうげきをしかける


This following characters use this card. The chances of the card being included in their Deck is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
Mai Valentine 0.1 2

Milestone drops

This card can be won by defeating these characters a specific number of times, the number of wins needed, is listed in the milestone column.

Character Milestone
Mai Valentine 100 {{{5}}}
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Harpie Lady Sister +
Harpie Lady Sister +
チームワークのよい さんしまい やすむまもなく こうげきをしかける +
ハーピィ・レディさんしまい +
Three fierce sisters who relentlessly attack as a team. +
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Harpie Lady Sister (DM1) +
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Hāpyi Redi Sanshimai +
ハーピィ・レディさんしまい +
Three Harpie Lady Sisters +