Hand of Destruction
  • Japanese: 手札断殺
  • Romaji: Tefuda Dansatsu
  • Translated: Hand Severing
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Each player sends 4 cards from their hand to the Graveyard and draws 4 cards. If a player has less than 4 cards in their hand, they send all the cards in their hand to the Graveyard and draw 1 card for each card they sent this way. If a player has no cards in their hand, they draw 1 card instead.
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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 手札断殺 お互いのプレイヤーは手札を4枚墓地に送る。(手札が4枚以下の場合は全て墓地に送る) その[???]墓地に送った枚数分だけドローする。ドロー[???]以下の場合、お互いのプレイヤーは自分[???]ドローする事ができる。
Tefuda Dansatsu



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