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A hand of cards in the second series anime.
A hand of cards in the second series anime.


() (ふだ)

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Hand (Japanese: () (ふだ) tefuda) refers to the cards each player holds, ready to use but have not yet been played. Cards can be added to the hand by drawing or by card effects. As the name suggests, the "hand" cards are generally held in a player's physical hand.


The hand is a placeholder of cards you can use. In general, Monster Cards can be Normal Summoned/Set, Pendulum Monsters can be activated in the Pendulum Zone, Spell Cards can be activated, Spell/Trap Cards (except Field Spell Cards) can be Set in the Spell & Trap Zone, and Field Spell Cards can be activated or Set in the Field Zone.

Hand Size Limit[]

During player's End Phase, before fully ending the turn, if that player has more cards than the hand size limit, which is normally six, he/she must discard cards until he/she meet the hand size limit. This limit number can change by card effects.


Certain card effects can interact with cards in players' hands. For example, "Spirit Reaper" can discard 1 card from the opponent's hand as part of its effect, and "Exchange" allows you to swap one card from your hand with one card in your opponent's hand. Many card effects have costs that require discarding a card(s) from your hand, such as "Raigeki Break", and you cannot activate such effects unless you have enough cards in your hand to pay the cost.